Beta: Valac to remain within EMS, daughter company is still not registered – Kosovo Office confirms

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The „Valac“ power station in the north of Kosovo will remain within Elektromreza Srbije (EMS) and the status of employees in that facility remains unchanged, EMS said in a statement for the Beta news agency.

This news arrived just a day after KoSSev published the news that as of December 14th, KOSTT will „take over all rights and obligations“ when it comes to managing the electricity system in northern Kosovo, citing an official document obtained by the portal. The document further reads that the exchange of electricity supply between JP EPS and KOSTT, through which the energy supply needs of the residents of the north were met so far, will end on December 14th.

Over a month ago the workers at the main power station in Valac were allegedly asked to declare for who they work for – KEDS or EMS, KoSSev also learns.

On the other hand, EMS told Beta on Friday night that “there is no doubt that the EMS workers will stay in our company, as long as they want to.“

The news that KOSTT can operate independently was initially announced earlier this summer, following the approval of the connection agreement between KOSTT, ENTSO-E and the Albanian Transmission System Operator – OST. The implementation of this agreement was scheduled to start in the fall.

In other words, according to the document obtained by KoSSev, KOSTT will now begin independent operational work, that is, from December 14th, KOSTT will function independently from the Serbian transmission system operator – Elektromreza Srbije (EMS)

One of the points of the connection agreement with ENTSO-E refers to the licensing of the daughter company „Elektrosever“, which was also part of the energy agreement signed in Brussels in 2015. According to the KOSTT and ENTSO agreement from the first half of this year, Elektrosever was supposed to have been issued a license within 30 days – which has not happened to date.

The Kosovo Office indirectly confirmed that „Elektrosever“ has yet to be licensed.

„When and if the subsidiaries of EPS, whose founders are EPS and ASM, are registered according to the signed energy agreement, they will continue their uninterrupted supply service,“ the Kosovo Office said in a statement, Beta reported.

So far, Pristina has allowed „Elektrosever“ to deal only with energy “supply” – not „distribution“ – which is the current role of Elektro Kosmet and something the Serbian side has insisted on. The main stumbling block for the company to be registered or to even submit a registration request was the fact that the Serbian side, in its request for registration of the daughter company, requested a license to provide both distribution and supply services.

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