Petkovic: If Kurti causes the crisis – Quint will be responsible

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„If Kurti causes the crisis that can break out starting from Monday – the full responsibility will be on Quint,“ the head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic, told the media on Saturday. Petkovic’s reaction arrives on the same day the Serbian FM, Nikola Selakovic, alerted that „Albanians are preparing literal hell“ in Kosovo in the coming days.

The alerts about “hell” and „crisis“ come two days before the Kosovan government is set to start implementing its latest decisions on the re-registration of vehicles with Serbian plates with markings of towns in Kosovo and start issuing a declaration sheet to citizens entering Kosovo with Serbian ID cards.

„The Serb people are currently in an extremely inconvenient situation that is heightening by the hour,” the Serbian FM announced earlier today, claiming that „the Albanian side in Kosovo is preparing literal hell in the coming days.“

What Selakovic failed to specify was what exactly this „hell“ means for Serbs in Kosovo.

Soon after, Petkovic also reacted, alleging that Kurti’s decision is “a violation” of 2011, 2016, and 2021 agreements. On the other hand, he pointed out the “disadvantages” of the 2011 agreement for the Serbs.

„After 11 years Kurti remembered to start implementing the agreement on freedom of movement whereby the Pristina side will now issue an entry-exit document that our side has been issuing for more than 10 years,“ Petkovic said, thus confirming what Albin Kurti said in this morning’s video message to Kosovo Serbs.

According to Petkovic, Serbia has responded „hundreds of times“ with appeals to international representatives, especially the Quint countries, in order to prevent the implementation of Albin Kurti’s „unilateral“ actions.

Furthermore, he underlined that no one in Brussels „was rattled“ by Pristina’s decision to abolish KS license plates last year – a year before the end of the five-year deadline that was extended in 2016, Petkovic complained.

The head of the Kosovo Office declared that the Serbian side „managed to arrange“ the use of the sticker regime back in September 2016, which Pristina „never implemented“.

Not only did it beg the Quint countries, but Serbia also warned of the crisis, Petkovic further explained, adding that the crisis actually broke out in September 2021. In his words, it was caused by the Kosovo Prime Minister with his new „unilateral“ decision to introduce „temporary“ plates for Serbian vehicles entering Kosovo.

„When you go to Kosovo, you’ll see that the Pristina side also puts stickers on KM plates, and according to this agreement, you will see that the sticker regime is valid until a high-level dialogue adopts a permanent and final solution for all plates, and until then this agreement also applies to KM plates, among other things,“ Petkovic said today.

„And the climax – the abolition of the KM plates, claims that the KM plates are also part of the agreement,“ Petkovic emphasized.

He accused the Kosovo Prime Minister of only being interested in abolishing Serbian identification cards and KM plates. “Kurti wants violence, he wants to bury the dialogue,” he stressed.

Petkovic then called on international representatives to prevent the start of the implementation of Pristina’s decisions.

„First of all, I call on Quint to exert the necessary pressure and stop Pristina and its unilateral and illegal decisions,“ he emphasized.

If Kurti causes a crisis that can break out starting from Monday – the full responsibility will be on Quint

Unlike Pristina, Belgrade has yet to give any public instructions to Serbian citizens when it comes to the use of Serbian ID cards and KM plates. However, what arrived was news of a “reciprocal response”.

According to Petkovic, Serbs will start forming the ASM with the hope that they will have Quint’s support in this.

The President of Serbia will be making a „last and great request“ to Quint to „convince Kurti to stop making crazy and big decisions“, concluded Petkovic.

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