New graffiti in N.Mitrovica: „Don’t worry, we’re here – the Northern Brigade“

Ne brinite Tu smo Severna Brigada

New graffiti appeared on the streets of North Mitrovica this morning.

After the recent „No surrender, KM remains!“, the message „Don’t worry, we’re here – the Northern Brigade“ greeted the citizens today.

The graffiti was sprayed ahead of today’s meeting between the President of Serbia and the Prime Minister of Kosovo, following yesterday’s talks between Vucic and the Secretary General of NATO, when the Serbian President said that there is a „new generation of youth in the North who will not suffer terror“, but also that “ this has nothing to do with him, nor with Jans Stoltenberg“.

Graffiti „Don’t worry, we’re here – Northern Brigade“ was sprayed on the Mitrovica promenade, the walls of some buildings, as well as on the sidewalk on the main street.

Some of the graffiti also includes the message – „We are waiting“.

More than a month ago, the graffiti „No surrender – KM remains“ was sprayed on the streets of North Mitrovica, on the eve of the Kosovo government’s announcement about the launch of the re-registration of vehicles with plates with Serbian markings of towns in Kosovo to RKS.

In the meantime, vehicles with RKS license plates in North Mitrovica were covered with stickers with a KM marking and the Serbian coat of arms. At the end of July, that is, two days before the announced start of the implementation of the Kosovo government’s decision on re-registration, North Mitrovica was covered with leaflets – „There is no surrender, the Serbian ID remains.“

The Kosovo authorities announced that they would start implementing the decision on re-registration to „RKS“ on September 1st. The decision was postponed by a month following the intervention of the US ambassador to Kosovo, due to the heightened tensions on the ground.

On July 31st, the decision of the Kosovo government resulted in barricades in the North of Kosovo, which were erected a few hours before the start of the implementation of the Pristina decision. The Serbian side continues to claim that it will not accept Kosovo’s decision to remove the KM plates and start issuing an entry-exit document for all citizens who enter Kosovo with Serbian documents.

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