N.Mitrovica: Flyers proclaiming „No surrender, KM remains!“ appeared on the citizens’ cars this morning


On the eve of the start of the re-registration of vehicles with license plates issued by the Serbian authorities for cities and towns in Kosovo („PR“, „KM“, „PZ“, „GL“, „UR“, „PE“, „DA“ or „ĐA“) into „RKS“ plates, new messages appeared on the vehicles in North Mitrovica this morning.

„No surrender – KM remains!“ – reads the message printed on flyers left on cars parked on the main street, along with photos of „KM“ and „RKS“ license plates.

On the flyers, three sixes next to the letters „AK“ were chosen to illustrate the Kosovo registration, and 1244, next to the letters UN, were chosen to represent the Serbian license plate numbers. The first combination is often associated with the devil and terrorism, and the second refers to the valid UN Security Council resolution 1244 on Kosovo. The whole message was printed on the background of the famous map of Kosovo with the Serbian flag and the inscription „No surrender“.

The same message was sprayed all over the main street of North Mitrovica earlier this month. Just a few days before, Srpska Lista Vice-President, Milan Radoicic, announced from Kamilja hill above Leposavic that there would be „no surrender“.

Such messages arrive ahead of the start of the implementation of the Kosovo government decision on the re-registration of vehicles with the markings „PR“, „KM“, „PZ“, „GL“, „UR“, „PE“, „DA“ or „ĐA“ to „RKS“ plates, whose deadline begins on August 1st and ends on September 30th.

Furthermore, when it comes to vehicles with Serbian license plates of cities and towns outside Kosovo, the sticker regime will remain in force until October 31st.

Kosovo officials and those who support the Kosovo government have repeatedly interpreted all these decisions as „measures of reciprocity“ with Serbia – „rounding off sovereignty and territorial integrity“ and „introducing legality“ in the north.

Apart from political condemnations, Kosovo Serb citizens have yet to receive any concrete and public instructions from official Belgrade regarding the issue.

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