Kosovo media published full names and photographs of private houses of alleged smugglers from the north

The Kosovo media continue to publish the full names of individuals allegedly involved in the smuggling of goods in the north of Kosovo. Once again citing unnamed sources, the media claim they talked to one of the smugglers. In addition to full names, the addresses of some people allegedly involved in the smuggling network were also published, along with aerial shots of several family houses and business facilities.

Despite the action of special units of the Kosovo police on May 28th against the smuggling network in the north of Kosovo, smuggling has continued in this area, Radio Kosovo reported today, which was then picked up by Pristina – based Koha. Smuggling is of a lesser intensity – they further claimed.

Radio Kosovo is part of the Kosovo public service. RTK, also belonging to Kosovo’s public service, recently reported that Kosovo Serbs, under Belgrade’s orders, will claim that Gazivode Lake is poisoned. This information was based on unnamed sources. It is also unclear whether the Kosovo Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the allegations of this still prominent media outlet in Kosovo.

According to sources of Radio Kosovo, smugglers are using illegal roads going through the settlements of Sarpelj and Tresava in the Leposavic municipality, as well as through the village of Banjska in Zubin Potok. The unnamed sources also underlined that the majority of smuggling is being done after eight o’clock in the evening.

Smuggled goods, however,are not intended just for the north of Kosovo. The goods enter the territory of South Mitrovica through the villages of Cabra, Bistrica and others, after which they are distributed throughout Kosovo.

This media published the full names of persons who are allegedly involved in the smuggling, listing a total of seven people, mainly from Leposavic and Zubin Potok.

The media, however, did not specify whether they had contacted the police with this information.

Below we publish photos published by Radio Kosovo and Koha, but with personal information blurred.




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