International Democracy Day: UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations recalls “OpisMEDIJavanje” campaign and fight against misinformation

The United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations in New York recalled, on the occasion of International Democracy Day, the „OpisMEDIJavanje“ campaign created by the KoSSev portal and the United Nations Mission in Kosovo.

“As states address COVID19, it is critical that they uphold basic principles of legality, including journalistic ethics,” the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations tweeted, also recalling that UNMIK has been active in the fight against misinformation through a media literacy campaign created with the KoSSev portal.

In the middle of 2020, KoSSev conducted a media literacy campaign. A total of 18 journalists, editors, and photo reporters reporting in both Serbian and Albanian languages spoke about fake news, the importance of the media, the responsibility of journalists, the challenges Kosovo journalists face, the work of public services, objectivity, ethics, and the right to privacy.

OpisMEDIJavanje: Why the identity of persons in self-isolation is not public information

OpisMEDIJavanje: A photojournalist and a journalist form an integral whole

OpisMEDIJavanje: Fact-checking protects the journalist and the reputation of the media

OpisMEDIJavanje: Public service broadcasters should reflect the pluralism of society

OpisMEDIJavanje: Sometimes a politician’s refusal to answer a question will be the answer

OpisMEDIJavanje: Beware of hybrid objective journalism

OpisMEDIJavanje: To whom should you report the media if they violate your rights

OpisMEDIJavanje: News that tells you how you should feel is not used to inform you but manipulate you

OpisMEDIJavanje: Integrity, not clicks

OpisMEDIJavanje: Only media close to the government in Belgrade can reach Kosovo Serb politicians

OpisMEDIJavanje: Think about where the media get their money from

OpisMEDIJavanje: Any unverified information or half-truth can lead to major consequences

OpisMEDIJavanje: You have the right to know what the institutions are doing

OpisMEDIJavanje: Young journalists rarely have the opportunity to work in professional newsrooms

OpisMEDIJavanje: Minority media in Kosovo are important but financially vulnerable

OpisMEDIJavanje: Even-steven, only in the interest of truth

OpisMEDIJavanje – A guide to the news you release into your world!

OpisMEDIJavanje: Fake news often lurks in headlines

OpisMEDIJavanje: Kosovo Serb journalists perceived as unfriendly and irrelevant

Preuzimanje i objavljivanje tekstova sa portala KoSSev nije dozvoljeno bez navođenja izvora. Hvala na poštovanju etike novinarske profesije.