OpisMEDIJavanje: News that tells you how you should feel is not used to inform you but manipulate you

What is the most important question for a journalist?

An average person spends over seven hours a day surrounded by the media – according to data from Statista.com. Many testify that, in the digital age, this time is even longer.

The fact that the media are our window to the world represents a great responsibility for journalists and media outlets.

In the latest episode of the media literacy campaign “OpisMEDIJavanje,” a journalist-editor of the KoSSev portal, Milica Andric-Rakic spoke about media responsibility.

Whether it is a daily newspaper or a media outlet covering the field of entertainment, or culture, journalists must ask themselves the following question: Is this important to my readers/viewers? And perhaps they should pose an even more difficult question: Should this be important to them?

Only after answering this question, a decision is made on whether the editorial office can cover the topic in a professional matter, and only then do the journalists get to work.

„The relevance of the media can be found in that fine balance between what is important to the audience and what you are realistically able to present as a story,“ she said.

However, there is also room for audience criticism, Andric-Rakic added.

For everyone, if they want to be the best in their line of work, criticism is not only welcome but also necessary

Andric-Rakic, however, also warned that when it comes to criticism of the media, it can often be the result of ignorance of their role and what journalists actually do.

Speaking about the role of daily newsrooms, Andric-Rakic noted that objective journalists do not express their views while reporting or transmitting statements of various actors, but are guided only by the goal of the relevance of the interlocutor or the topic for which the news is intended.

They should give space to everyone – the widest audience, in order for them to be informed, that is, to gain an opinion on something, said Andric-Rakic.

„For example, the KoSSev portal often receives criticism from its readers, such as why you are transmitting statements of that criminal Haradinaj or Thaci, or why you are transmitting statements related to the Kosovo government when it is an institution that Serbs and Serbia do not recognize.“

Our primary audience – Kosovo Serbs – is greatly interested in knowing what is happening in Pristina and what is being said there about the Serbian community and issues that are important for it, she explained.

The events related to the coronavirus outbreak only confirmed this rule. The local public had numerous questions related to the measures introduced to combat the outbreak.

„A responsible journalist will not tell you that a statement is scandalous, false, fascist, or cynical. He will convey the statement to you and he will expect, if he respects you as an audience, that you will make your own judgment on whether such a statement is acceptable or not,“ Andric-Rakic said, explaining the role of an objective journalist.

„If you read a news article that tells you how you should feel about a statement, keep in mind that the author’s goal was not to inform you but to manipulate you and provoke a specific feeling that he thinks you should have about that specific statement,“ she concluded.

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