OpisMEDIJavanje: To whom should you report the media if they violate your rights

Part of the media is increasingly violating its code of ethics and the rights of citizens, primarily the right to privacy. If you believe that your right has been violated by the reporting of the Kosovo media, you should complain – a member of the Independent Media Commission (IMC), Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi said.

In the latest episode of the media literacy campaign “OpisMEDIJavanje,” Hyseni Kelmendi spoke about the work of Kosovo media regulatory bodies, the means of media sanctioning available to those bodies and how to file a complaint.

„If a media outlet violates the privacy of a citizen while reporting or commits other ethical violations, including giving false information, using hate speech or inappropriate language or violates the ethical code in any other way, citizens should react and file complaints with the competent authorities,“ she stressed.

When it comes to Kosovo, these institutions are the IMC, which is an administrative body, or the Press Council of Kosovo, which is a self-regulatory body. The IMC monitors and sanctions the work of television and radio, while the Press Council of Kosovo monitors the work of the print media.

The IMC has several sanction measures at its disposal – a reprimand and a request to the media that violated the code to correct the news, a request to publish the reaction of the injured party, a fine, suspension of part of the program and a revocation of the license.

The IMC monitors the work of television and radio and can initiate proceedings ex officio, however, Hyseni Kelmendi still urged citizens to personally contact the IMC.

„All those who believe that they are victims of violations of the code of ethics in the media are encouraged to contact the IMC, either online – through the website kpm-ks.org, where there are instructions on how to file a complaint, or send an e-mail at [email protected] or visit the IMC offices in Gradic Pejton,“ she underlined.

On the other hand, Hyseni Kelmendi reveals, if private and legal entities want to complain about allegations presented in the press – newspapers, agencies, or online media, they should contact the Press Council of Kosovo.

The Press Council of Kosovo is a self-regulatory body, but it plays a very important role when it comes to professional journalism in Kosovo. It also reviews complaints of parties but at the same time, it also monitors the media on a daily basis. In the case of obvious violations by media, the Press Council of Kosovo then contacts the media outlet and asks it to correct the news, or to remove it completely if it is online,“ she described the competencies of the Press Council of Kosovo.

Complaints sent to this body can also be filed online, through the website presscouncil-ks.org or at the office located in the center of Pristina.

The IMC and the Press Council of Kosovo, however, are not the last resource for those who believe that the media have violated their rights, so all parties dissatisfied with the decision of these bodies can also go to court, Hyseni Kelmendi emphasized.

„Then it is entirely up to the judicial council to make decisions in certain cases by contacting the relevant institutions, including the IMC and the Press Council of Kosovo in connection with the decisions they have taken regarding the violations recorded in those media,“ she concluded.

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