Haradinaj: What happened was the act of law and order institutions upon notification that Serbian citizens came under threat

Haradinaj u Londonu
Haradinaj u Londonu

„What happened was the act of law and order institutions upon notification that Serbian citizens came under threat. It takes two each time, Kosovo cannot be solely responsible, “ Haradinaj commented for KTV on the police arrest of five Serbs in Gnjilane region yesterday. After they were released, Serbian national media and agencies claim this evening – Haradinaj apologized to Prime Minister Ana Brnabic telling her he was not familiar with the details.

Haradinaj spoke at the final part of the London Western Balkans summit on „the pressure that Serbia puts on Serb members of the KSF“, KTV reported as well.

He further commented that Pristina officials understand the „sensitivity of relations between Kosovo and Serbia and dialogue“ while emphasising the need for political reconciliation arising in the dialogue, as well as through political ceasefire.

Contrary to this, the Belgrade-based national media headline last evening is Haradinaj’s alleged apology note to Brnabic, while also admitting that he was unaware of the details of the arrest operation.

„As we learned, it was just half an hour ago that the Prime Minister met with Ramush Haradinaj upon his insistence. He apologised for what happened this morning and said he was not familiar with all the details of the arrest,“ an RTS journalist reported live from London.

„It was really just in passing we meeting,“ Brnabić explained, however – „Just a few words (were exchanged) with Mr. Haradinaj,“ she said.

„I see that pressures and attacks on Serbs continue, I see that you continued with the practice of arresting Serbs,“ she said what she had told him and added:

„It was just a statement, so we have nothing to say to each other. “
On what was told to her, she said:

„He replied that it was exactly the case, that things were much more complicated, that they did not want to have such a relationship towards Serbs living in the territory of our AP KiM.

About the arrest of Serbs, the reaction of Belgrade, and their release, more detailed in the news:

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