Kosovo Police release five Serbs after Djuric’s warning

Marko Đurić Tanjug
Foto: TANJUG/Tanja Valić

Five Serbs, arrested earlier today in the Gnjilane region, were released after being interviewed, the Chief Prosecutor of Gnjilane District Prosecution Office, Jetish Maloku confirmed for Pristina-based KTV.

So far, there are no details whether they are accused of any criminal offense.

Kosovo Police arrested five Kosovo Serbs this morning suspected to be involved in activities against a Kosovo constitutional order and security, it was earlier confirmed in a press release. Local Serb RTV Puls reported from the area on the arrest of the Serbian-sponsored Kosovo-Pomoravlje district chief, Radovan Stojkovic, National Employment Service director Jovan Denic and Nenad Stojanovic, an auto mechanic employed by the Serbian Army – under charges of allegedly placing pressure on Serb members of the KSF to leave the force.

Kosovo Police did not, however, specify what type of activity the arrested persons were involved in, but they denied the claims made by „certain Serbian media/portals who reported that the police operation was conducted against former members of the KSF“.

„These are only allegations or speculation by certain media,“ the Kosovo Police emphasized.

The police did not reveal details whether the morning operation was related to the KSF issue either as the Serb members from this region are currently leaving the KSF.

„The attack was carried out in a brutal manner, according to prepared scenario, and it happened completely in contrast to everything agreed upon at the last meeting of President Vucic and Federica Mogherini, when it was agreed that such things would no longer happen. The Albanians have committed to themselves to treat our side and our people with respect, and this was guaranteed by Mogherini, both by her presence and her words,“ Djuric said.

Immediately upon the arrest, the head of the Kosovo Office Marko Djuric through an emergency media address from the Government of Serbia (premises) warned of halting the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, extending the deadline for the release of the Serbs until tonight.

„Unless they are released tonight, our message is that the dialogue will not exist and it will not exist for a long time. That is the message of President Aleksandar Vucic and the message that we conveyed to representatives of the European Union,“ Djuric said.

He further stated that „the only sin“ of the arrested persons was not to support the formation of the Kosovo Army, i.e. „publicly opposing the formation of such grotesque formations“.

He considered the arrest as hostage-taking.




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