Kosovo Police arrest five Serbs in the Gnjilane region, denying claims made by Serbian media that the operation was conducted against former KSF members


Kosovska policija hapšenje Srba u Gnjila nu KBS
Kosovska policija (ilustracija)

Kosovo Police arrested five Kosovo Serbs today in the Gnjilane region suspected to be involved in activities against a Kosovo constitutional order and security, was confirmed in a press release. Local Serb RTV Puls reported from the area on the arrest of the Serbian-sponsored Kosovo-Pomoravlje district chief, Radovan Stojkovic, National Employment Service director Jovan Denic and Nenad Stojanovic, an auto mechanic employed by the Serbian Army under charges of allegedly placing pressure on Serb members of the KSF to leave the force.

Kosovo Police did not, however, specify what type of „activity“ the arrested persons were involved in, but they denied the claims made by „certain Serbian media/portals who reported that the police operation was conducted against former members of the KSF“.

„These are only allegations or speculation by certain media,“ the Kosovo Police emphasized.

The police did not reveal details whether the morning operation was related to the KSF issue either as the Serb members from this region are currently leaving the KSF.

RTV Puls announced earlier special police forces blocked the entrance to the private houses and business premises of Stojkovic and Denic, in Gornje Kusce village, near Gnjilane, adding that a search of the facilities was underway. The news on the arrest of the two, and Stojanovic who allegedly works as a mechanic with the Serbian Army which followed after, were broadcast by the same TV station.

Also the same TV station claimed that houses of several (former) Serb members of the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) were allegedly searched.

In the past few days, Serb members have been terminating their contracts with the KSF in large numbers, primarily from the Gnjilane region. The news was confirmed by the highest officials of the KSF and Kosovo, all stating that the withdrawal is taking place under pressure of official Belgrade and Serb representatives in Kosovo. Serbian officials have repeatedly publicly called on Kosovo Serbs not to join the KSF, desiring that Serbs do not „fight each other“. Some Serb KSF members were detained for „informative talks“ in central Serbia as well. Since the end of last year, in the northern part of Kosovo, there have been more attacks on the property of Serb KSF members and threats. Whether Serbs from the North are included among the more than 40 former KSF Serb members, out of 137 in total, who requested to leave the KSF still remains unknown. Over 60 of them have joined the force last year from the northern region.



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