Dogs poisoned on the N.Mitrovica promenade, witnesses claim two persons gave poisoned hot dogs to the stray animals

Psi otrov Mitrovica Šetalište

WARNING: Some of the photos contain disturbing content!

A new series of dog poisonings took place on the North Mitrovica promenade late last night when four dogs were poisoned. Some local residents claim that they saw two people giving poisoned hot dogs to the dogs, and the police officers at the scene said that an investigation would be opened.

Poisonings of stray animals, mostly dogs, has been an almost daily occurrence since the 3rd of March. According to data provided by the „Sapa“ Animal Protection Association, over 100 dogs have died in this period.

As a result, the citizens of North Mitrovica often find the lifeless bodies of dead dogs on their streets, which is what occurred yesterday evening.

We found a body of a stray dog at the roundabout in the center of the town.

In the meantime, citizens who take care of abandoned animals moved the body to the end of the promenade, where we found three more dead dogs.

A small group of people gathered a little before midnight on the promenade, and several Kosovo Police officers were also present at the scene.

Some of those gathered said in a statement for KoSSev that the other three poisoned dogs were found near the sculpture dedicated to the Milic brothers.

Some people claim that they saw two people walking along the promenade, one of whom was wearing gloves, and that they offered the hot dogs, which they suspected were poisoned, to the stray dogs.

One of the hot dogs, they claim, was found not far from this location.

Psi otrov Mitrovica Šetalište

The police officers, who took pictures of the hot dog, confirmed for KoSSev that a case will be opened.

The Animals Protection Association „Sapa“ has so far reported dozens of cases of dog poisonings to the Kosovo Police.

However, as the Kosovo Police of the region north confirmed for our portal earlier this month – none of them have been solved so far.

The KoSSev portal reached out to the Basic Prosecutor’s Office in North Mitrovica regarding the dog poisonings, and they confirmed that proceedings were initiated for the criminal offense of „animal abuse and contamination of animal food and water“.

Six days ago, we received a new reply, which only briefly states that the case is still being investigated in cooperation with the police.

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