An investigation is launched into dog poisonings in N.Mitrovica

FOTO: „Šapa“

Another series of a large-scale poisoning of dogs was recorded in North Mitrovica last weekend. An information officer working at the Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Mitrovica, Valon Petreni, confirmed for KoSSev Portal that that institution had launched an investigation into the case.

„A total of 10 dogs were poisoned – nine stray dogs and one family pet. Five abandoned dogs died from the poison. One family dog and four abandoned dogs survived the poisoning at the MitroVet clinic,“ the Animal Protection Association „Sapa“ told KoSSev, confirming that the bodies were found in several busy locations throughout the town.

At that time, “Sapa” warned that unlike in previous cases, Furadan poison was not used, but rather one lacking in color. Some area residents and volunteers working with Sapa reported that they had unusual reactions after coming in contact with the substance.

Sapa announced that the case was reported to the police, and the Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Mitrovica confirmed for KoSSev that proceedings had been initiated.

The case is investigated as „animal abuse and contamination of animal food and water“.

The investigation is being conducted by the Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Mitrovica and the Kosovo Police.

This is just one in a series of dog poisonings in North Mitrovica over the last couple of years. A previous case was recorded in mid-September last year, when, as Sapa announced at the time, five dogs and one puppy were poisoned in different locations throughout the town.

Although the poisoning and killing of dogs, including several shooting cases, has been reported several times, no perpetrators have been found thus far.

Cruelty to animals is a crime. Dogs are domestic animals, they live with and around people. Dogs are not wild animals that come to settlements from the wild. People throw dogs out into the streets. Abandoned dogs are dogs that have been deserted by someone or the offspring of unsterilized dogs that have been thrown out by their owners.

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