Another large-scale dog poisoning in N. Mitrovica

WARNING: Some of the images contain graphic content which some may find disturbing.

Another series of large-scale poisonings of dogs occurred in North Mitrovica this week. The dogs were found in several locations throughout the city, including a playground and a park. The Animal Protection Association „Sapa“ issued a statement saying that this is not an appropriate way of dealing with stray dogs, warning that now new dogs will take their place. The Association added that according to reports from residents, fifteen unknown dogs, who did not undergo the CNVR program, were recently let loose on the streets of North Mitrovica.

“Sapa” announced that a total of six dogs were poisoned, three of which ingested a lethal dose, while three more are still fighting for their lives.

The poisoned dogs were found on the children’s playground near the „Cezar“ pizzeria, in the children’s park near the „Ekskluziv“ café, in front of the Health Clinic, as well as near the taxi station.

„THE POISONINGS CONTINUE! CAUTION!! While we were helping the dogs at the taxi station, near Pet Cody, the dogs that were poisoned last weekend, miraculously survived and were returned to their territory, were poisoned once again,“ “Sapa” announced late on Monday.

The Animals Protection Association warned citizens not to take their pets outside, and to record anything that looks suspicious to them.
They added that they received reports from volunteers and citizens of unusual reactions after coming into contact with the poison.

“Sapa” once again underlined that poisoning animals is a criminal act, punishable by law, but also that people, children and the environment are also put at risk.

They stated that: „We did not heed warnings not to endanger animals that have gone through the program, that have been socialized, who are defending their territory, as was the case with the recently poisoned dogs near the main bridge! So last night, we once again had mass poisoning of abandoned dogs on the streets of our city.“

At the same time, they warned that new, unknown, unvaccinated and uneutered dogs will now take their place.

„FIFTEEN dogs unknown to us were let loose on our streets!“ – “Sapa” said.

„Furthermore, appeals to relevant institutions to stop the release of new dogs on the territory of our city and to find those responsible, remained unheeded!!!“

They further stated that their association is fighting to reduce the number of abandoned animals in a humane manner. The dogs currently on the streets, the association said, have undergone castration/sterilization, as well as vaccination against rabies, and infectious diseases, and were treated for parasites.

„Our association has a small number of members and volunteers who participate, voluntarily, and for the benefit of all of us, in rescuing and treating animals, collecting money, educating and raising awareness of the problem.“

They called on all citizens to join them in their efforts, saying that help „in solving this common problem is needed from all sides.“

This is just one in a series of dog poisonings in North Mitrovica over the last couple of years. A previous case was recorded last week, when ten dogs were poisoned. The case was reported to the police, while the Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Mitrovica launched an investigation into the criminal offense of „Animal abuse and contamination of animal food and water“.

Although the poisoning and killing of dogs, including several shooting cases, has been reported on a number of occasions, no perpetrators have been found thus far.

Cruelty to animals is a crime. Dogs are domestic animals, they live with and around people. Dogs are not wild animals that emerge from the wilderness. People throw dogs out into the streets. Abandoned dogs are dogs that have been deserted by someone or the offspring of unsterilized dogs that have been thrown out by their owners

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