Djuric: Whatever we get for Kosovo, it will certainly be more than what we have today

Marko Djuric
Marko Djuric

„I want to tell you that whatever we get, it will certainly be more than what we have today when we do not have any type of control (in Kosovo ),“ said the head of the Kosovo Office Marko Djuric today.

When asked what Serbia wants to achieve and whether it wants to achieve partition, Djuric replied that President Vucic will not „accept recognition.“ He, however, did not answer the question of whether Serbia is seeking the partition of Kosovo.

Serbs face a dilemma

Djuric said that Serbs are facing a dilemma today – whether they want to reach some sort of agreement or not. If it fails to do so, Serbs need to be fully aware of the consequences, added Djuric.

„Unless we reach an agreement today, you can be positive that things cannot remain as they are, and that in the next few years, we will surely return our country and the region to some kind of conflict,” he said.

„Given that we currently have almost nothing, because for 18 years now we have almost no effective control … you ask all kinds of questions, starting from the most banal, but important things like – who killed Oliver Ivanovic? Our police cannot even look at the shells, and we have to deal with intelligence work,“ Djuric further said.

Whatever we get in this dialogue process, it will be more than what we have today,“ he added.

What did Djuric say before this statement?

His sports analogy on Serbia’s 5-0 victory over the Kosovo team in Brussels remains the most memorable to the public.

Here are some more of Djuric’s earlier statements, contradictory to the one he made today:

„Kosovo and Metohija is the territory of the Republic of Serbia and we will not give Albanian separatists even a metre of Serbian land, because all of Kosovo and Metohija was and is the territory of Serbia.“

„Kadri Veseli should not be joyful, because Kosovo and Metohija will never be a state. Presevo, Medvedja or Nis will never be part of the so-called Republic of Kosovo, but Pristina is and will remain part of Serbia, and he will be a Serbian citizen.”

„You will not succeed in that. This is Serbia. This is the Serbian state. These are our people who will not be able to look at any other country other than the Serbian state as their homeland. „(Djuric in Leposavic)



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