Djuric: We will not relinquish a metre of Serbian land. Arifi: We will not relinquish a metre of Kosovo land

The Serbian President’s statement on Kosovo that „it is an achievement if we can get one metre since we do not have anything today“, caused the same reaction in Serbian and Kosovo officials. Although Belgrade „does not have anything“, it sent a message today claiming that it will not relinquish „even a metre of Serbian land“. On the other hand, officials from Pristina emphasize: „Not a metre of Kosovo land at any cost!!!!“

„Frozen conflict is abhorrent. The frustrating uncertainty and the current state of affairs are also abhorrent, but nobody deserves it and nobody can ever get one metre of Kosovo. The sovereignty and territory of Kosovo cannot be determined at any cost. Not now, nor ever“ – was the reaction of the Kosovo technical delegation chief Avni Arifi.

The head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric soon responded:

„The delegation chief in the Brussels dialogue of the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government in Pristina, Avni Arifi, is not competent to grant or deny anything, especially not the territories. Arifi cannot bargain with anything that does not belong to him, and not a square metre of Kosovo belongs to him. Arifi can negotiate with his inheritance, if he has any, and not with the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Kosovo is the territory of the Republic of Serbia and we will not relinquish a metre of the Serbian land to Albanian separatists, because the entirety of Kosovo and Metohija was and still is Serbian territory.“



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