Intellectuals and church leaders to Serb authorities: You have no constitutional and legal basis for a referendum

Istoričar Mirko Ković

„The act of signing a so-called legally binding agreement would be the largest act of defeat in the modern history of Serbia. Kosovo would, thus, be joined with Greater Albania and NATO. This would endanger the lives of our fellow citizens in Kosovo“- reads a new message to Serbian authorities.

A group of Serbian academics, politicians, public figures and church leaders met at the monastery of St. Stefan, in Slanci, a Belgrade suburb, and sent a warning to Serbian state authorities.

The document, containing the warning message, was published on Tuesday on the Facebook page of the monastery.

Stop threatening and deepening internal divisions among Serbian people through your devastating policies and media attacks.

“You do not have a constitutional or legal basis to call a referendum on fundamental constitutional issues,” outlined the document.

„Stop deceiving the Serbian public with some ‘compromise’ that would justify your attempt to recognize Kosovo’s independence. Especially, the Association of Serb Municipalities,a structure of imaginary competences, which would serve only to recognize a mafia state, without the possibility of providing protection to Kosovo Serbs,“ it further said.

They urged the Serbian authorities to stop „hiding and falsifying“ via media the obligations they had previously undertaken .

„You have brought Serbia to the last stage of negotiations aimed at the Serbian recognition of Kosovo’s independence with your vassal attitude towards European Union officials. While the Albanian side has been seriously preparing for this, you are waiting for instructions from the European External Action Service,“ they also stated.

„The Serbian Constitution and UN Resolution 1244 gives you the authority to wait and prepare for the upcoming changes in international relations, which will ultimately lead to a fair solution to the Kosovo conflict,“ reads the document. The document further emphasized, as it was explained – the only duty of State authorities, is the protection of the state and all its citizens, with an essence on those from Kosovo.

You can see the entire document and the list of signatories HERE

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