Who are the four arrested last night in Pristina – Two Montegrins sought by INTERPOL, a third Serb is not a BIA member, BIA condemns the fake news

Specijalna policija Kosova FIT hapsi u prištinskom naselju Kalabrija

The Kosovo Police launched an operation in Pristina on Wednesday night to arrest two Montenegrin citizens over a suspected murder, Pristina media reported. Two more people were arrested as part of a group of four – a Kosovo citizen and a Serbian, which was also broadcast by Pristina-based media citing Police Spokesperson Daut Hoxha’s confirmation. They claimed the Serbian citizen to be a member of BIA (Serbian Intelligence Agency), which was strongly denied today by BIA itself.

A Montenegrin citizen from Podgorica, M.M. (38), was arrested last night in Pristina, after almost three years on the run following the issuing of an INTERPOL arrest warrant, over suspicion of the murder of Radomir Djurickovic in Cetinje in 2016, Montenegrin media reported revealing his full name and citing a Montengrin police press release.

The other Montenegrin arrested is from Niksic – Dj.P. (31). As further announced by the Montenegrin police, Dj.P. fled from a psychiatric hospital in early July. He was serving a prison sentence for kidnapping and attempted extortion in Kotor.

Both of them were found with weapons and drugs. Podgorica-based Vijesti newspaper claim that they were found hiding in the Pristina neighbourhood of „Calabria“ in an area surrounded by criminal safehouses allegedly hiding more suspected high-level criminals.

Montengrin police owe a special thanks to the Kosovo police, who acted as soon as possible after the data was provided, the press release reads as well. The arrest of these four people was conducted by the special police unit, FIT.

Kosovo media today announced that the third suspect was allegedly a member of the Serbian BIA, but this was followed by a strong denial from Belgrade.

The people arrested on July 18th, 2018 in the territory of Kosovo had nothing to do with the Agency, TV N1 reported citing a BIA media alert, which denies „the allegation by certain media“.

N1 reported on the BIA media statement, as follows, „Mario Milosevic, Jovan Pavicevic, Strahinja Dankovic and Lauret Zub“ were arrested on the orders of INTERPOL on suspicion that they committed serious crimes of murder and abduction in the territory Republic of Montenegro „.

„BIA strongly condemns the spread of fake news aimed to destabilize and undermine the security system of the Republic of Serbia,“ as N1 reported on the Serbian Intelligence Agency statement.



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