An initiative to replace the mayor submitted in Zubin Potok as well


After the initiative for the removal of the mayor of North Mitrovica was submitted to the chairman of the MA of this municipality yesterday, the same initiative was put forward in Zubin Potok today.

The chairman of the Zubin Potok MA, Vedat Mehmeti, confirmed for KoSSev that the initiative was submitted today via email.

This initiative also has three signatories, one of whom is Dalibor Galjak.

„Today, via email, I accepted the request, that is, the initiative for the removal of the mayor of Zubin Potok, Izmir Zeqiri. The initiative was signed by three citizens,“ Mehmeti told KoSSev.

He added that he immediately contacted the Ministry of Local Self-Government Administration, as well as the Central Election Commission, as prescribed by the Administrative Instruction.

„Five days is the deadline. We will see what the outcome of the request will be,“ he explained.

Mehmeti was unable to specify the reasons listed by the signatories for the dismissal of the mayor of this municipality.

Similar to North Mitrovica, this request was finally officially submitted today after a group of citizens, as some media reported, personally tried to submit the same request on Tuesday in the village of Cabra, where the municipal administration is now located.

This initiative was also signed by Dalibor Galjak, who then told Kosovo Online that they were told the request could not be accepted because there is no records management office in this building.

According to Galjak, the mayor of Izmir Zeqiri also told them that „the petition is not in his interest“.

On the contrary, on the same day, Zeqiri told Pristina-based Koha that the three signatories were „recommended that their request goes through the parliamentary procedure, according to the Administrative Instructions“. Zeqiri also underlined that he „does not know“ whether the signatories have contacted the chairman of this assembly.

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