A group of N.Mitrovica citizens officially submitted an initiative for the removal of the mayor, The MA chairman has five days to respond to it

Zgrada Opštine

A group of citizens who attempted to submit a request for the dismissal of the mayor two days ago, submitted the same request today to the municipality of North Mitrovica. The request was presented to the chairman of this institution, who now has five days to decide whether to accept it or not.

The same signatories, Sanja Lazarević-Krtinić and Milan Milosavljević, as well as another person, whose identity we could not confirm, came to the North Mitrovica municipal building today, the chairman of the North Mitrovica MA, Nedžad Ugljanin, told KoSSev portal.

„The initiators of the procedure for the dismissal of the mayor came and I received them within the North Mitrovica municipal building, where they supplemented that request and addressed me as the chairman in writing and stated that they were guided by administrative instructions,“ said Ugljanin.

He revealed that now there is a deadline of five days, within which he, as the chairman, needs to review the request, after which he will promptly inform the initiators about the outcome – whether it has been approved or not.

Ugljanin added that the request has been forwarded to the Ministry of Local Self-Government Administration, the Central Election Commission, and the mayor himself.

„That is my obligation as per the administrative instructions,“ says Ugljanin.

Addressing the request itself, Ugljanin says that the part that refers to the reasons for the removal of the mayor is „fine“, warning that several sentences in the document related to the work of the municipality of North Mitrovica were „disputable“.

„The explanation cannot read that the municipality is not functioning and does not provide basic services to citizens, and that is what is debatable and cannot be part of the explanation,“ said Ugljanin.

What does the request say?

„Behind the reason for this request, we point out that this mayor does not have the democratic legitimacy to represent the citizens, the majority of whom refused to vote in the April 2023 elections. At the same time, we point out that the municipality is not functioning and does not provide basic services to citizens that it is obliged to provide in accordance with the municipal competencies, but also that the mayor makes decisions that are against the general public interest,“ the request reads, signed by Sanja Krtinić, Milan Milosavljević and Nikola Arsić.


The same group tried to submit a request two days ago, but as they testified to the two news teams that followed them – TV Most and Kosovo Online, they failed in this endeavor. At the time, they warned that brutal rights’ violations and terror against Serbs were at hand.

Nedžad Ugljanin confirmed for KoSSev that the request was not recorded, but he could not officially state the reason why this oversight was made in the municipality. Ugljanin, who at the time when the group tried to submit the request, was not in the building and did not meet with them, said that the request was not addressed to him as required by the Administrative Instruction.

Ugljanin says he does not want to jump to conclusions about the outcome of the request.

„I can’t say ahead of time, but I will be in contact with the representatives of MALS, I will talk with them, about how to proceed,“ said Ugljanin.

If the request is rejected, the chairman of North Mitrovica MA says that the whole process will have to be started all over again.

On the other hand, if adopted, Ugljanin says that he will cooperate with the initiators.

One of the signatories, Sanja Krtinić, told KoSSev that Ugljanin met with them today, but that „initially he did not want to take the request“.

When asked about his reason for not wanting to accept the request, Krtinic stated that: „we wrote in the request that the municipality is not functional, which he disagreed with.“ She added that when they explained that „they used the form from the administrative instruction – the request was accepted and filed as such in the administrative department.“

When it comes to the remaining three northern municipalities, there is no information on whether the request for the removal of the mayor was submitted there today as well, given that the initial attempt to submit the request was made simultaneously in all the Serb-majority municipalities in the north.

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