Vulin reiterated: Demarcation is a solution for Kosovo

Serbian Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin today once again reiterated that a compromise solution for Kosovo is the „demarcation“ and „stopping the expansion of Greater Albania“.

„My view is that we need to demarcate and stop the expansion of ‘Greater Albania’,“ he said in an interview with Belgrade’s Kurir newspaper, answering a question on what is an acceptable, compromise solution for Serbia.

Vulin did not further clarify his idea, as he did in earlier cases when he mentioned „demarcation“.

The Minister of Defense had already sent an identical message on demarcation in February – during an internal dialogue on Kosovo, initiated by the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Two weeks later, Vulin proposed a demarcation again, which he also did in mid-June. However, not once was there a reaction of official Belgrade to this idea.

In February, Kosovo media reported an alleged discussion between Aleksandar Vucic, Edi Rama, and Hashim Thaci on the partition of Kosovo  and the exchange of territories along ethnic divisions. Thaci denied it later, while Sava Janjic, an Abbot at Visoki Decani warned that Serbs will disappear if a partition were to happen. Aleksandar Vucic also denied that such conversations took place.

The topic of demarcation, i.e. partition and exchange of territory, was raised again this week, after an interview with the US Ambassador to Pristina, Greg Delawie.

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Pristina will continue „attempts to halt the dialogue“, it is difficult for them to accept that the Brussels Agreement is not working for them

However, he spoke about the Brussels dialogue.

The Minister of Defense expects that Pristina „will continue with its provocations and attempts to halt the dialogue“.

„They know that negotiations with Vucic will not end well for them. The Brussels Agreement does not work for them, which is difficult for them to accept,“ Vulin said.

He will support the President because he knows that: „There is nobody who would fight for the position of the Serbs and the interests of Serbia as he did.”

While the Serbian opposition criticizes a possible referendum on Kosovo in which citizens would vote on the proposal for Kosovo, emphasizing that such a referendum would be unconstitutional, and assessing that, in this way, the Serbian President is hiding from this responsibility. Vulin, on the other hand, said in response to the question of whether he supports the idea of calling a referendum:

„President Vucic is a brave man who does not hide. To stand before the nation and express his position is an act of political and personal courage. If he wanted to hide, he would have a parliament and a government he could transfer this responsibility to, but he is not like that. I will support him because I know that there is nobody who would fight for the position of Serbs and the interests of Serbia as he did.“

Vulin estimated: Nobody wants Ivanovic’s murder to be solved more than Serbia, Pristina and the international stakeholders are responsible for not reaching a solution

Kurir also asked Vulin questions regarding the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

„It is convenient for Pristina, as well as for many international stakeholders, that a solution has not been reached. This way it’s always easy to accuse the Serbs, and attempt to replace the Serbs in the Kosovo Police in the north because they have not solved the case and they speak lies and half-truths,“ Vulin said.

And to the question of whether he believes that the case will be solved, he replied:

„No one wants this crime to be resolved and the perpetrators to be punished more than Serbia. I wish we had full control that would allow us to solve the crime, but we do not have it and that’s why our options are limited. We will not stop investigating, even without the support of Pristina and international stakeholders.“




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