Vucic to Brussels: If you think there is a beating that will make me listen to Thaci, Hoti and such nonsense, do not call me

“Last night I contacted and called the people in Brussels, and I told them: If these are the attitudes of the Albanians, I will not come, we should not waste time. They said, ‘Please come and talk.’ I told them, ‘it’s not a problem, I can always talk, but if you think there’s a beating that will make me listen to Thaci, Hoti and such nonsense, do not call me at all,” reads the latest statement of the Serbian President before the dialogue with his Kosovo colleague, Hashim Thaci, in Brussels on Sunday.

The statement followed after yesterday’s press conference by Thaci where he said that the discussion on „the 400 km long border of Serbia and Kosovo,“ will be negotiated in the future.

Vucic is visiting the Serbian city of Pancevo today, to lay the foundation stone for the German ZF factory.

„I am neither fascinated by ingenious ideas, nor am I afraid of anyone in the West and any pressures. You found the wrong person to apply pressure to, better not waste your time,“ the Serbian President told the press.

To explain that Serbia is always ready for compromise, Vucic joined a group of state officials while turning to a sporting analogy to talk about Kosovo:

„Well, I’m always ready if you’re ready to talk about compromises. And as you can see, as it is popular to say and in jargon, we are not slam-dunking, we are ready to talk, but if you think that you can talk to Serbia in such a way, we will go there and we will tell them – ‘thank you, folks, we wish you all the best.'“

To his European colleagues who are expecting him in Brussels on Sunday he conveyed the message:

„Those of you from Europe should make sure they (Albanians) meet the Brussels Agreement, and when they do, we will then continue to talk.“

The Belgrade-Pristina dialogue in Brussels will resume on June 22nd, and Aleksandar Vucic and Hashim Thaci will meet on the 24th, it was earlier confirmed.

The last meeting between Thaci and Vucic was held on March 23rd.

Since the beginning of the month, the Serbian President has been warning the Serbian public that Albanians are only interested in „taking“ and „occupying“ the North. Several Belgrade media outlets have released a series of news articles on alleged plans for „the occupation of the North“ and the „intrusion into the North“ by Kosovo-Albanian troops, with the support of NATO units and the US.

„We do not have anything to fantasize about or anything to take, the North belongs to Kosovo. Belgrade had previously claimed the entire Kosovo, and now it’s just the North”, Hashim Thaci responded to these messages yesterday.

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