Vucic: Taxes introduced with the support of a powerful European country to prevent Serbia from claiming the North and Kosovo-Pomoravlje

A large and powerful European country asked Pristina to introduce the taxes to force Serbia to leave the dialogue, which at that point was nearing a compromise solution for Serbia to „acquire“ the North of Kosovo and the Kosovo-Pomoravlje, the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said last night. A delimitation opportunity was wasted, Vucic said, claiming that he will not be responsible for any catastrophe in the future. He also urged the public to remember his words and think about them in 20 years.

„The attacks on Serbia will be fierce,“ the Serbian president said last night on the ‘Cirilica’ talk-show on TV Happy. The show began shortly after the broadcast of the first part of the documentary film on Vucic and his government titled „The Ruler“ on TV N1. Vucic himself discussed the film during his guest appearance.

„Many from the outside would like to pull Serbia backward“ because Serbia has the highest growth rate in the region, he said, claiming that „no one is allowed to or wants to say that.“

Because you have to restrain Serbia. The only good Serbia is the one that does move ahead. Some people like to talk about a great Serbia, and not even the smallest Serbia would be small enough for them not to hate it. That is why I do not allow them to do that. Especially when it comes to making the people poorer, and I fought and will fight. And that is why we will sack 50% of SNS people – 50% of local people and another 50% of people in Parliament and another 70% of ministers in Government to show that we can do even better in the future and that I will do this unapologetically.

He revealed that the taxes were introduced with the support of a Western power so that Serbia “could not claim” the north of Kosovo and Kosovo-Pomoravlje. Vucic, however, failed to specify which Western power he was talking about.

„Americans have protested much louder than Europeans and the entire time I had known this – it would be impossible for Albanians to do this without someone’s support. Of course, the Albanians had the support of a major European force – for Serbia to say it was leaving the dialogue and so that Serbia could not ask for the North of Kosovo or the Kosovo-Pomoravlje Region or anything else, to bring down any plan in which Serbia would get something,” he said.

He admitted that he “did not understand it at first.”

„I understood this way later. Now I know everything. Who asked them and who told them and who expected our first, second, third reaction. Of course, a significant and powerful foreign force,“ Vucic said.

„Please, what’s the point? Around the time the taxes were introduced, Europe started accusing us that we did not fulfill certain energy agreements. That was the time I realized what it was about because one country, in particular, insisted on fulfilling the energy agreement, which is one of the 48 agreements, because they would make even more money from it. They don’t care about the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities,“ Vucic said.

Some people like to talk about a great Serbia, and not even the smallest Serbia would be small enough for them not to hate it.

According to Vucic, Serbia cannot change the views of major powers over the recognition of Kosovo as an independent state after a lost military conflict.

He advocated the agreement of the two largest Balkan nations and was declared a traitor

Vucic claimed that they attacked him for something that didn’t happen and that he wasn’t guilty of. In his words, he advocated for “a rational, very smart solution,” believing that he “knew politics a little more” and had more access to data than other people.

He underlined that the president who supported the agreement of Serbs and Albanians – the two largest nations in the Balkans – and which would bring 100 years of peace and opportunity, security and a future for our children, was declared “traitor”.

People get tired, I won’t be able to do this forever.

The President, however, warned that „no one would be happy“ over this.

„Including those who see Serbia’s humiliation as the final solution, those who – after such an agreement is reached – would not know how to influence Serbia and those in the country who lost Kosovo and Montenegro and brought the country into bankruptcy,“ Vucic said.

All of them were saying that I was a traitor, he said, underlining that he had “the courage to propose a compromise.”

They thought I was stupid and that I do not know the Serbs always hated compromise – he added.

On the delimitation: A missed opportunity, we will fare worse but I will not be responsible for any catastrophe

„Since I realized that Serbs will never accept something that is our opportunity and that we will always regret it. I told you this will not happen. I understood the message of the people. I still say this was a great chance for us. We missed that chance. We will fare much worse in the future. I am happy that no one will be able to accuse me of being guilty of this. That’s all I have to tell you. It will not happen in my time, I will not be responsible for any catastrophe. Remember my words and think about them in 20 years. We had a chance, but we didn’t have enough awareness, enough wisdom.“

Speaking about being labeled as a traitor, the Serbian president said:

„I’ve been listening to stories for eight years – they brought Vucic (to power) to betray Kosovo! It is as if you had something which they have given away long ago. On the contrary! We did smart things with the Brussels agreement. We raised Serbia’s reputation.“

„In the past eight years, we have not had a single war, not a single pogrom of our population, nothing like the departure of Montenegro or the declaration of independence. Instead, we had absolute peace and total commitment to economic development.“

„Kurti’s dirty and disgusting address“

Vucic confirmed he saw Albin Kurti for the first time in Munich this week. Speaking about the panel they attended together, he described Kurti’s speech as:

„Extremely dirty, a disgusting address against Serbia, containing the worst fabrications.“

The Serbian President also stressed that despite all of this the Serbian opposition “welcomed Kurti as the greatest leader.”

Law on the Church in Kosovo „written and placed in a drawer“?

When the host remarked that a law on the church – similar to the one in Montenegro – was „written“ for Kosovo and that it was placed „in a drawer in Pristina“, Vucic replied he knows „they asked for it“ and that „no one told him anything“.

„… lest we are told tomorrow that some other patriarchate is Kosovo’s treasury and Kosovo’s cultural treasure, and not the cultural heritage of Serbia. They never wanted to agree to that and when we come to that, they – Albanians and foreigners – just turn to the other side and say – this is not to be discussed. Based on that, I knew what their plans were and how hard that story was for them.



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