Vucic: Serbs are ready to fight for cafes and the Assembly, only 1% ready to fight for Kacanik

Vučić RTS
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„Everyone wants for Serbia to recognize Kosovo’s independence. If we do not go to the talks, then we would be isolated, denounced. We would be finished,“ the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said on RTS tonight, on the eve of the continuation of the Brussels dialogue at the expert level. At some point, we will face pressure, but leave it up to me, I am a political veteran, Vucic also said.

„What the Serbs would like the most is for someone else to fight for Kacanik on our behalf. We are ready to fight for cafes and the Assembly of Serbia, but only one percent of people wants to fight for Kacanik,” Vucic said tonight.

He even further complained: “Everyone in the Serbian leadership will be deemed guilty if he or she tries to speak rationally“.

The Serbian President claimed on the other side that he does not underestimate Kosovo Albanians, adding that this is the reason why, upon his return from the Brussels last week, he reiterated on several occasions that „talks are difficult“ and that he would not go there “with tricks“.

“Belgrade is fighting with its hands tied”, said Vucic.

He added that it does not matter whether the Belgrade representatives are meeting with the representatives of Pristina, the USA or the EU because – „everyone thinks the same“.

„They want the same thing for us. They want an independent Kosovo within the framework and borders of today’s Kosovo – as the Albanians proclaimed it. Everyone wants for Serbia to recognize the independence of Kosovo, if we do not go to the talks, we will be isolated, denounced. We would be finished“.

Vucic then warned that Serbia would face pressures at some point.

“But leave it up to me. I am a political veteran, and I know what the consequences are both for me and some others. I will protect the country, not myself“ – he emphasized.

Vucic also spoke about the fact that today marks the ten year anniversary since the International Court of Justice in The Hague issued an Advisory Opinion that the Declaration of Unilateral Independence of Kosovo adopted in 2008 did not violate international law. He also used this opportunity to once again criticize the opposition leaders, reminding the public of who was in power at the time Kosovo declared independence.

He commented on media allegations that military weapons from Germany are arriving in Kosovo, saying that he requested all the information about this matter from the Military Intelligence Agency.

Vucic also shared his belief that Kosovo will not receive „Leopard“ tanks, adding that it is possible for it to get weaponry for armored vehicles and helicopter destruction, as well as G 36 Heckler and Koch assault rifles.

Vucic, however, still expressed hope that „our German partners will not do that,“ while at the same time sending a warning: „Everyone in the region is rapidly acquiring weapons.“

He claimed that the United States did not abandon the Kosovo negotiations. In his words, he expects „even bigger participation of Americans on that issue.“

„The fact that, at one point, the Americans said that there was a possibility of them leaving Bondsteel, it led to other NATO partners wanting to invest more in support and assistance to the Albanian army – than was the case in the past. It only causes uncertainty and insecurity, but we will be able to save ourselves and our country and people,“ Vucic concluded.

Vucic: Petition against the Emergency team is an abuse of the best doctors in Serbia

During his guest appearance on RTS, Vucic also mentioned the petition, now signed by more than a thousand doctors, for the dismissal of the Emergency team in charge of combating the coronavirus outbreak. He alleged that it represents an „abuse of the best doctors in Serbia“.


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