Vucic: Jarinje-N.Mitrovica road reconstruction to start in a month at the latest

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, announced today that the works on the reconstruction and expansion of the main Jarinje-North Mitrovica road will begin in a month at the latest, while works on the Gracanica and North Mitrovica hospitals will begin in August.

Vucic revealed today that the work order for the Jarinje-Mitrovica road section has already been issued and that funding has been secured.

He said that this road section should be „a positive example, not the cause for shame due to the holes in the road.“

„It is a long and important section that should connect North Mitrovica, but also the greatest number of Kosovo Serbs, all Serbs if I can say it that way – from Priluzje, Plementina, Babin Most to Vucitrn, Obilic to Pristina, but, also a good part of Gracanica and its surroundings,“ added Vucic.

The Ibar highway, especially the section from Jarinje to Rudare, is known for heavy traffic, while the safety of road users is greatly endangered due to poor horizontal road signalization.

The President also spoke about the start of the construction of hospitals in Gracanica and North Mitrovica. Official Belgrade and leaders in Kosovo Serb communities have been announcing both of these projects for months now.
He revealed that the works, both in North Mitrovica and Gracanica hospitals, will start during the summer – in August.

Vucic described the health center in North Mitrovica today as „a kind of clinical center“.

Speaking of the Clinical Center in Gracanica, i.e. the former Pristina Clinical Center, which was relocated to Gracanica, he said that the existing health structures in Gracanica should „form a big hospital“.

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