Vucic: I won’t recognize Kosovo; The BBC accuses me of standing behind the non-papers, but I haven’t been involved in that at all

„Although I will be denounced and labeled everywhere, let me tell you right now, I will not sign the recognition of independent Kosovo,“ the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said today. „No foreigner, no ambassador, no world leader will make decisions on behalf of Serbia, only you, the citizens of Serbia, will do so,“ the president underlined.

A session of the SNS Main Board is being held in Belgrade today. In his ten-minute introductory speech, the President of Serbia, who is also the head of this party, spoke about the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and the meeting in Brussels scheduled to take place in June.

Vucic reiterated that Serbia would face „severe pressures, numerous problems, and troubles“.

Pristina does not want to fulfill anything, but Serbia will be blamed if it quits the dialogue

He underlined that the situation for Serbia is difficult now, noting that the current government „fought and struggled“ for documents that represent a „problem for Albanians“ – i.e. obligations that Pristina does not want to fulfill.

Pristina does not want to fulfill anything, the president emphasized.

„And that is why they did not fulfill anything about the ASM, they were not interested. Do you think that some of those from the West who signed it get bothered by it?“ the president said.

He also alleged that if Serbia were to quit the dialogue, it would be the one blamed – even though Pristina has not yet formed the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities nor fulfilled a single obligation from the Brussels agreement.

While underlining that Serbia must participate in the dialogue and be a part of the world, the Serbian president also has a message for the West:

„Yes, we are part of the world, we want a compromise, but if someone thinks that there is that kind of pressure, that is why the assembly is important, and that is why we will be able to think about the candidates, because as president of the state and party president I will be under the greatest pressure, denounced and labeled everywhere. But let me tell you right away, I will not sign their recognition of independent Kosovo.“

The strategy of the West: We will punish Vucic because he doesn’t want to recogniz Kosovo, we will put pressure on Greece to get closer to recognizing Kosovo

The president underlined that this is the reason why he is being attacked by the West. He proceeded to claim that they even adopted a special strategy, as demonstrated in the texts penned by analysts from the USA, such as Daniel Serwer and „some Serbs who work for them“.

He said that their strategy to place pressure on courageous countries, such as Greece, to “get closer to recognizing Kosovo” – which would make it possible for Kosovo to join NATO.

According to Vucic, other kinds of pressures will also come in the form of „further criminalization of his family.“ This has already been done with the support of „some of our members“, the president told the members of the SNS Main Board.

„They thought that they would get a trophy or a medal from people from abroad for doing this, or that they would succeed in rising to power, since power is probably a goal in itself, and not because you are implementing a program or policy,“ the president concluded.

He said that he was „disgusted“ by people – members of other parties, but SNS as well – who think that ambassadors will help them become the head of the state or party.

The Serbian President also claimed that some „experts“ from the opposition are accusing him of forcing Greece to recognize Kosovo – which Greece does not want to do.

The BBC accuses me of standing behind non-papers, and I haven’t been involved in that at all

The president revealed that he is used to him, and therefore, Serbia, being „guilty of everything“. Speaking about „other pressures“, Vucic said that the BBC has been reporting about non-papers on the resolution of the Kosovo issue and accusing him of standing behind them.

„I’m behind the non-papers? I haven’t been involved in that at all. I did not welcome any of those non-papers, because Kosovo is listed as independent in each of them. Yet again, I’m guilty of something, who else could be guilty? When they publish it themselves, they do it in order to cause additional unease and find someone to blame,“ the president said.

Since Serbia declared independence no one has wanted a strong Serbia – he emphasized, adding:

„Don’t let them lie to you that they want a strong Serbia, they never wanted it. That is why they moved the population on the Drina and other parts of our country. They interfered in everything, from controlling our monasteries at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century and the abbots, to this day.“



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