Trepca miners with Todic: After withdrawals from Kosovo institutions, they wonder where they stand

More than 50 miners out of about 600 employees of the Belo Brdo and Crnac mines went on strike again in Leposavic today. The reason why they went on strike this time, as they confirmed for KoSSev, is that they want to know „where they stand in this situation“ while Serbs are leaving Kosovo institutions in large numbers, as well as „why no one is calling them“. They reveal that they will request an answer to this question from the president of the PA of Leposavic Municipality, i.e. the outgoing mayor, Zoran Todic, at a meeting that is currently underway.

„Where are we at, whether towards Serbia or Kosovo? We don’t know, because we don’t have any work record at all,“ one of the miners, on strike said in a statement for KoSSev.

It was the matter of their lack of work record, among other things, that forced the workers in these mines to protest in July this year, when they were promised that part of their demands would be fulfilled.

„It still hasn’t been settled, our work experience is not being recorded. There are about 600 people whose work experience is not being recorded,“ he emphasizes.

At the same time, these miners are concerned about the current situation with the mass withdrawal of Serbs from Kosovo institutions.

„We don’t know where we are at the moment, whether in Kosovo or Serbia,“ the same miner said, confirming that they receive their wages in euros.

He claims that they were not told anything about it.

„They only told us that we are listed in the agriculture sector. What agriculture when this is Trepca,“ he says.

With the same demands, the miners paid a visit to the president of the PA of the Leposavic municipality, that is, the outgoing mayor in the Kosovan system, Zoran Todic, today.

The meeting is currently underway, and the outcome will be known after its completion.

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