Trajkovic gave a statement to the prosecution: They asked for money in exchange for the recording of Ivanovic’s murder

Rada Trajković

One of the Kosovo Serb political representatives, Rada Trajkovic gave a statement to the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office regarding her allegations that she had been offered a recording of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. Trajkovic told N1 that she said everything she knew to the prosecutor, adding that she is ready to respond to the call of Serbia’s Special Prosecutor’s Office – if she were to receive such a call.

„I told them everything I knew, how to contact those people and I think they will continue to communicate with them and come up with something concrete. Since they offered to give me a recording, I’m sure there are more copies,“ Trajkovic told N1.

She also said they asked her for money in exchange for the recording.

„They asked for money, I said – I don’t have money to spend on myself, let alone for such things,“ she said.

Trajkovic also said that the original footage of the Ivanovic murder was allegedly handed over to someone from the Serbian government.

„There was a story that the original footage was handed over to a member of the Government of Serbia, but since I do not know whether that is true, I expect it to be determined in a legal manner,“ the candidate of the „Freedom“ coalition in the upcoming Kosovo elections, Rada Trajkovic said. 

KoSSev: Immediately after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, Kosovo police posted on their official website that they are offering a 10,000 EUR reward for any relevant information that may help solve this murder. However, the Deputy Director Of Kosovo Police, Dejan Jankovic said on the „Slobodno Srpski“ talk show in October last year that the police actually offered a 20,000 EUR award.




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