Alo tabloid announces a new „bloody autumn“ and „massacre” in northern Kosovo


“Pregnant women fleeing Kosovo”, “An attack on Serbs is being prepared, Shiptars want war”, “Thaci with America and ‘Golden Saber takes over north Kosovo and Metohija“, “Albanians are preparing chaos on the bridge – Flag Day Scenario”, “The British are preparing a ‘Storm’ in Kosovo, a new pogrom of Serbs is on the way” – these are just some of Belgrade tabloids’ numerous earlier warnings of violence and dramatic events in Kosovo. In its latest news, while referring to „well-informed“ unnamed sources, the Alo tabloid announced a massacre in northern Kosovo organized by the alleged „terrorist organization B13“.

Not a single of the Belgrade’s tabloids’ announcements regarding these dramatic and violent scenarios has come true so far.

Reviewing all the headlines in 2018, journalists of the Raskrikavanje site revealed that out of 358 issues raised by the Alo tabloid last year, 149 of them contained fake news without reliable sources and evidence.

In addition, another Belgrade-based tabloid Informer published 351 false or unfounded news pieces on its 306 front pages in 2018. The covers of 223 issues of Srpski Telegraf had as many as 230 false or unsubstantiated claims – Raskrikavanje revealed.

According to an analysis by the editor of Fake news tracker, Stefan Janjic, the headlines of Informer and Srpski Telegraf have warned of wars and conflicts on 265 occasions in 2018. The alleged wars were waged mostly with the Ustashas (47 times) and with the Shiptars (30 times).

Below we publish a part of Alo tabloid’s latest news:

“AN URGENT ORDER ARRIVED FROM PRISTINA! Cease everything and cover it up! A massacre in northern Kosovo is being prepared! The B13 Group has been activated!

The homes of elderly Serbs are the target and the attack could happen around the October 6th elections.

Several weapon crates have recently disappeared from the Adem Jashari barracks near Kosovo Polje.

Concerns have been raised that the rifles and ammunition ended up with members of the B13 terrorist group, which plans to launch a series of attacks on Serbs across northern Kosovo.

Provisional Pristina authorities have banned military commanders in the unrecognized state of Kosovo from talking about the missing weapons, but information leaked during the election campaign”.

The Alo tabloid also mentioned this group back in 2011. The same tabloid published an article this year titled: „SERBIANS HAVE NEVER BEEN IN MORE DANGER. Mysterious B13 will bring a BLOODY AUTUMN!

The Vecernje Novosti daily newspaper also wrote about the so-called B13 group causing incidents in northern Kosovo in April last year. 



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