Surlic: International community views the status of K.Serbs and the ASM only through the prism of whether Kosovo will achieve independence

Stefan Surlić

I will ask the international community – the USA, the EU, and all those who more or less support Kosovo’s independence, whether they will react in the same manner if Kosovo Serbs stop participating in their elections, or, God forbid, if they say there will be no such elections in the north – the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, said at the annual press conference in Belgrade, commenting on Albin Kurti’s statement that he would not allow Serbia’s January referendum to be held in Kosovo Serb communities.

The president’s statement is more hypothetical

An assistant at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, Stefan Surlic, underlined that Vucic’s statement was more hypothetical, noting that it does not mean he truly believes that such a move should be made.

Surlic reminded of the influence of the international community while estimating that it is not really interested in the status of Serbs in Kosovo.

„The international community views the status of Serbs in Kosovo and the ASM only through the prism of whether Kosovo will achieve independence, i.e. whether it will be easier for Serbia to unblock Kosovo at the international level, if it gets the ASM,“ Surlic said.

That is why, according to him, Vucic’s message about not holding elections in the north is a „conditional threat“: „What if we take the same step back?“

Surlic also commented on Srpska Lista’s unfulfilled promise, the eight such promise in the row – that it will withdraw from the Kosovo institutions if the ASM is not formed. Read more:

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