Student performance: „Sponsors of Kosovo independence“ against „Kosovo Serbs“

Studentski Performans "Fer-plej na briselski način"
Foto: KoSSev

A basketball match, played by two teams of students symbolically representing „sponsors of Kosovo independence“ and „Kosovo Serbs“, was held today near the Student Centre in North Mitrovica. The „Kosovo Serbs“ team played with their hands tied and with tape across the mouths, wearing „100% tax, 0% freedom“ t-shirts symbolizing the „injustice“ and representing the situation in Kosovo after the increase to a 100% import tax on products from Serbia. The other team wore shirts with inscriptions on “KFOR”, “USA”, “Germany”, “Albania”, and “Great Britain”.

Although the match lasted only ten minutes with plenty of free throws for the „sponsors of Kosovo independence“ team, along with numerous technical mistakes for the „Kosovo Serb“ team, the final result was 12:44 in favor of the „Kosovo Serbs“ – symbolizing the UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

„We wanted to show what the real situation is – that our hands are tied, that we do not have the right to vote and that nobody can hear us,“ the Student Parliament Vice-President at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Filip Jaksic said.

The student leader, Nemanja Bisevac announced new peaceful, student protests in the coming days.

„We will have a new student performance tomorrow, in front of the dorm no. 5 at noon. I cannot reveal the details, but it is another clear message for the international community,“ Bisevac stated.

Daily protests are being held in North Mitrovica following the increase to a 100% tax on the import of products from Serbia. A protest was held yesterday, during which the protesters called for the release of the three Serbs arrested in connection with the murder case of Oliver Ivanovic, the Kosovo Police reported. A protest by women from the north of Kosovo was held on Monday.

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