The State Department: Discussions on the use of the Serbian dinar in Kosovo should continue with urgency

FOTO: Ambasada SAD

Discussions should continue with urgency. The EU-facilitated Dialogue is the proper channel for resolving issues related to the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, the State Department spokesperson said in a statement for KoSSev this morning.

A new round of dialogue was held yesterday, where only the regulation of the Central Bank of Kosovo was discussed, which essentially abolishes the use of the Serbian dinar in Kosovo and dinar payments from Serbia proper.

The State Department hailed the fact that the discussion on the issue was held yesterday as part of the dialogue.

“We welcome that talks took place February 27 within the framework of the EU-facilitated Dialogue on the new Central Bank of Kosovo currency regulation that restricts the import and use of the Serbian dinar in Kosovo.”

While underlining that the discussion should continue, the State Department reiterated that the United States has been clear in expressing its concerns about the new regulation.

Previously, the US ambassador in Pristina, Jeffrey Hovenier, conveyed the US position on the issue to the public on several occasions – while they fully support the regulation itself and its purpose in terms of financial and economic security in Kosovo, on the other hand, they blame Pristina for not taking into account the consequences for the citizens of Kosovo, about 100,000 of them – not only Serbs, who are financially dependent on these payments from the Republic of Serbia.

They called on both Kosovo and Serbia to de-escalate tensions:

“And to engage seriously and urgently in efforts to achieve a peaceful and productive relationship under the EU-facilitated Dialogue.”

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