Srbija Danas – how a map with a dotted line turned to Kurti admitting that Kosovo is Serbia

Kurti Netačno

The Serbian tabloid Srbija Danas reported on Monday that works had begun on the reconstruction of the Kosovo Polje – Mitrovica railway, its headline, however, did not reflect the content of the text. What caught the eye of this tabloid was a map displayed at the ceremony on the occasion of the start of the works, which included a dotted line between Serbia proper and Kosovo, prompting Srbija Danas to publish the text under a headline – „KURTI FINALLY ADMITTED: KOSOVO IS SERBIA! The map caused indescribable anger in the fake state, they blame Albin“.

Pristina media were among the first to report on Monday that the works on the reconstruction of the Kosovo Polje – Mitrovica railway had begun and that a ceremony was also attended by the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti.

The portal also reported on the event, stating that a „scandalous mistake“ was made during the presentation of the project, i.e. when a map displayed during the ceremony presented Kosovo as part of Serbia.

„Scandal – Kurti presents a railway project with a map of Kosovo as part of Serbia (Photo)” reads the title published by this portal, which reported that only the northeastern „border“, i.e. „Kosovo’s border with Serbia“ was drawn in a dotted line.

The news drew the attention of a Serbian tabloid – Srbija Danas, which went a step further with the headline.

„KURTI FINALLY ADMITTED: KOSOVO IS SERBIA! The map caused indescribable anger in the fake state, they blame Albin“ – this media reported, picking up the allegations presented by

Srbija Danas said that the photo from this event showing the map was published by the office of the Prime Minister of Kosovo.

„This rail connection will result in improved rail capacity, both for passengers and goods, and a significant improvement in travel time. We will transport more, we will go faster. Trains will travel on this line at a speed of 80 to 120 kilometers per hour. Equally important, this connection will have reduced greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions. By the way, railway traffic is well known as green transport,“ Kurti said during the presentation of this project, this media also reported.

At the same time, the Belgrade-based tabloid also transmitted part of the text of, in which it is stated that the map of Kosovo was then published by the Self-Determination Movement, „but in an attempt to correct the mistake of its leader“, which did not include the disputed dotted line.

The texts of and Srbija Danas are almost identical. One of the few differences is that one of them described Kurti as the Prime Minister of Kosovo, and the other as the „fake prime minister of a fake Government“.

On the other hand, one of the biggest differences can be found in the title. While writes about the „scandal“, the Belgrade tabloid states that „Kurti finally admitted that Kosovo is Serbia,“ although its text fails to explain exactly how Kurti did this.

The speech of the Prime Minister of Kosovo at this event includes no claim „that Kosovo is Serbia“ – not even the word „Serbia“.

Kurti announced, among other things, that the general rehabilitation of this railway is expected to be completed in 2024/2025.

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