Shaip Kamberi – a speech that marked yesterday’s Serbian National Assembly session

The new government of Serbia was voted in yesterday. However, it was the speech of the United Valley MP, Shaip Kamberi at the session of the Serbian National Assembly that left the biggest impression on social networks, part of the public and media. Speaking in Serbian, Kamberi presented his blistering assessment of Serbia under the management of “one man,” as well as an overview of the state of Serbia in the previous years.

In a series of remarks, quotes and references to famous Serb writers and cultural envoys, Kamberi accused the regime of Aleksandar Vucic of abolishing democracy. He underlined that even Slobodan Milosevic failed to do so.

He said that there is no Republic of the State of Serbia, but the Republic of Aleksandar Vucic, while also using the famous French saying L’etat c’est moi.

The United Valley MP assessed the fact that the only opposition parties in the parliament are minority parties as tragic, adding that there is no real opposition.
Although Kamberi’s speech was highly criticized both inside and outside the parliament, it was also met with comments of approval and positive reactions on social networks and in certain media outlets.

Milenko Jovanov, Vladimir Djukanovic, Dragan Markovic, Ana Brnabic, and many others responded to Kamberi’s speech in the parliament. He was accused of disrespecting the dignity of the National Assembly, and of being displeased with the fact that his coalition did not get a ministerial position. Furthermore, the MP from Bujanovac was also criticized for the moves made by the authorities in Pristina. Outside the parliament, during the conference on the situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, President Vucic also reacted on the occasion. Vucic noted that Kamberi’s speech was proof of democracy in Serbia. He said that it is proof that it was a good thing that the United Valley was only offered the position of deputy minister because “someone knew quite well what they really think about Serbia.“

The Pristina media also reported on Kamberi’s speech, the majority of which shared the speech in its entirety.

Two-thirds of MPs in the Serbian parliament come from the ranks of the ruling SNS, with the exception of the representatives of the minorities, the other MPs are also part of the government.

Kamberi is the head of the 6-member parliamentary group United Valley – SDA Sandzak.

(You can listen to the speech of the President of the Party for Democratic Action, Shaip Kamberi, in the video above)



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