Serbian tabloids on „Storm“, „Flash“, and the “take over of Serb schools”

In the midst of alarming announcements of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, as well as other Serbian government officials including the Serbian PM, about the Storm and Flash operations in the north of Kosovo, Belgrade-based tabloids published a string of even more alarming news pieces.

For days now, Serbian tabloids have been extensively reporting about everything the Serbian President said, as he described it, at „the sharpest press conference with which he will go down in history“.

There are three main messages: A Storm is preparing, Kurti wants war, and Europe supports the attack on the Serbs – although Vucic used the term „Quint“ in his original media address.

The tabloids further intensified their messages after two videos were published on Saturday and Sunday evening – the ruling party in Kosovo Self-determination published a video in which it said that Albin Kurti succeeded, in just a year and a half, in doing what the former Kosovo government failed to do for 20 years – integrate the north. A day later, the Prime Minister of Kosovo himself shared a video message to Serb citizens in the north, urging them to fit their vehicles with RKS plates starting from August 1st.

„Kurti calls for war in Kosovo, names the Serbs criminals, threatens integration,“ Srpski Telegraf tabloid wrote on Monday.

„Kurti openly threatens: I will conquer all Serbs,“ Informer reports, while Alo went even a step further:

„Stop Kurti, he’s pushing us into bloodshed. The West is deaf and blind as the Shiptar leader intensifies his warmongering campaign. The leader of the Self-Determination Movement published a scandalous video in which he calls the Serbs from the North of Kosovo and Metohija criminals and bandits whom he would like to expel permanently from their centuries-old hearths.”

With a short title and the word “war” written in bright red letters, Objektiv reports: „Kurti calls for WAR“:

„The latest move by the Prime Minister of so-called Kosovo and the leader of Self-Determination proved that he is preparing a new ‘Storm’ for the Serbs, which the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, had already warned about.”

In a somewhat milder tone, Belgrade-based Novosti writes: „Quint strikes at the European five to recognize Kosovo“, claiming that Greece is under the greatest pressure as a „weak link“, while the patrons of Pristina „want to push it into the UN and NATO“.

Such headlines have been gracing the covers of Serbian tabloids for several days. On Saturday and Friday, the messages repeated by President Vucic several times in his address last week were brought to the fore – accusations against Quint as an accomplice to the Albanians in their intention to expel the Serbs.

„The EU is setting Kosovo on fire,“ Vesti wrote on Friday.

„British special forces train ROSU and KSF extensively and make plans to attack bare-handed people. The plan is to start mass confiscation of vehicles that don’t have RKS license plates during October, to stage the wounding of Shiptar police officers, which would serve as the reason for a general attack,“ Informer wrote on the same day.

The very next day, this same tabloid reported that „Europe supports the attack on Serbs,“ while also publishing Kurti’s and NATO photo: „Brussels knew about Kurti’s dangerous plan, EU accomplice of Pristina“.

„Kurti’s goal is the cleansing of the Serbs,“ Objektiv concludes on Saturday.

On Monday, Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani announced a „possible“ meeting between Aleksandar Vucic and Albin Kurti this month.

Tuesday headlines – a roadmap for the coming months?

Today, the same tabloids shared even more intense announcements of war, while also reporting about other „nefarious“ actions:

„They will forbid Serbs to return from vacation,“ Informer reveals, explaining:

„They want to forbid Serbs from Kosovo to return from vacation after July 15th until they sign they are renouncing Serbian registration and take ‘RKS’ plates!?!“

„Pristina’s new nefarious plan: They want to blame Serbia for the crimes of the KLA,“ Novosti writes, while actually reporting about the joint declaration on the missing, which was recently announced by the Serbian president as practically finished.

„They want to include the term ‘enforced disappearance’ in the agreement for those who are missing. This means that the state and not a terrorist organization is responsible for the crimes,“ this newspaper stated.

„Diplomatic scandal on the day of the USA’s independence: Kurti the primitive, instead of congratulating the holiday, denigrates the Serbs to Biden“, Srpski Telegraf has learned.

„A new attack from Pristina: MONSTROUS Kurti will not stop. After the plates, he moves on to taking over Serbian schools,“ reads part of the cover of the Kurir tabloid.



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