Vucic on the Storm once again: Pristina is preparing an attack on the north by October 1st

„As the president of Serbia, I’m telling you we have no way out. For ten years, we have been fighting to find a compromise solution and for ten years they have refused a compromise solution. The only thing they want is to humiliate Serbia, for us to agree to everything they have already decided on. Nobody is offering us anything. Nobody wants to talk. They are just looking for ways to humiliate us, leave us with nothing, and expel our people,“ the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, said last night after the Kosovan government decided to introduce what it said are reciprocal measures for Serb citizens and vehicles entering Kosovo.

Pristina announced on Wednesday that it set a deadline of September 31st for owners of vehicles with license plates issued by the Serbian authorities for cities and towns in Kosovo to replace their license plates with Kosovo (RKS) plates. Pristina authorities also decided to start issuing temporary ID papers to Serbian citizens entering Kosovo. That the decision will soon proceed was previously announced by the EU Special Representative for the BG-PR dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak, who also met with the Serbian president last night. During a break in the meeting with Lajcak, Vucic decided to address the media himself and hold, as he described it – „the sharpest press conference so with which he enters history“

I went down in history with the sharpest conference because I directly said everything they’re doing and the ways they are tricking and destroying us, every word I said is absolutely true

Vucic revealed that he wanted to inform the Serbian public about Pristina’s decisions – made with the support of the Quint countries – which are aimed at “expelling” Serbs from Kosovo. For the first time in months, the President also once again alerted of the danger of operation Storm (Oluja) and Flash (Bljesak) for Serbs in the north.

“The decision is aimed at expelling the Serbs from Kosovo, creating a new Storm where they want to convince the Serbs in the space of two months to register with RKS Albanian license plates. They will probably hand out leaflets, pamphlets, you know how it was done in World War 2 to convince the Serbs and if they don’t convince them they will take their license plates and vehicles. They are not interested in how many Serbs will remain there,” Vucic said.

In his words, Serbia „has been suffering lies“ from representatives of Quint countries and Albanians for years.

On the other hand, he adds, Albanians and Western countries have spent tens of millions of euros looking for Serbs in Kosovo who are willing to make moves against Serbia.

They have always found only individuals, they have only about a hundred of them in Kosovo, no more. Others scorned them. They’ve been doing that for 10, 20 years

“I have no problem telling them that right in the face,” he says, citing that for him, it’s not a problem that they think Serbs are stupid, but that they think “they’re very smart.”

The president gave a few examples of how they “paid dearly” as a result of the change of government in Belgrade in 2000, the view that resolving the issue of Kosovo is a “democratic issue,” the change of standards before status to status before standards, while standards were, as he explained, burning churches and killing people and as a reward for that – „they got an independent Kosovo in 2008“.

„And they did it jointly. Then we had difficult conversations and terrible decisions of the ICJ because of our stupid issues and mistakes. Anyway, in 2013 we return back to the table and we get the Brussels agreement, which was neither easy nor simple.“

Since that Brussels agreement, the Serbs have fulfilled everything. The only thing that Pristina should have fulfilled is not fulfilled – he underlines, noting that the Western five remain silent to this.

„They then decided to harass us with taxes for several years, to demolish CEFTA, and then for heavily armed special forces to invade the north seven or eight times, even though we had an agreement with NATO, that they are not allowed to do so without informing the mayor and without an agreement with NATO. They came with rifles, armored vehicles, etc. Then they remembered that they should continue to carry out terror, and they started talking about reciprocity. And that’s where we come to the greatest hypocrisy of the West. Before the elections, they said, ‘Don’t worry, we’re working on it.’”

„It came to the point that Serbs in Kosovo cannot have Serbia in any form, and legal violence continues. In all of this, the most brutal fact is that they are not interested in international public law.“

An attack on the north by October 1st, Quint supports the Albanians

„Srpska Lista will no longer tolerate the incursion of their units. And they gave us a deadline for these plates by when, by September 30th, which means that they are planning an attack on the north of Kosovo by October 1st at the latest. The citizens of Serbia should know and be aware that they were supported by Quint representatives as always,“ Vucic said, revealing that he spoke with SL representatives earlier in the day.

Vucic is not interested in Kurti, but in those who control him

„We have no way out, so it will be an interesting summer and autumn. I beg them – I’m not begging this guy (cf. Kurti) whether he’s crazy or not. I’m not interested in him, I’m interested in those who control him. I am interested in those in charge. I ask them to lower their arrogance a little, to respect the rights of those they have already killed, and, I hope – not think of repeating that.“

„Our answer will be sober, but deadly and true,“ he said.

Vucic says that Serbia is not preparing for any military actions, instead, he urged the Albanians not to try to seize property and expel Serbs.

„This is our great request, we beg the great powers not to do that. That is our biggest request and I believe that they have enough time until September 30 to think whether they will do it or not,“ he stated.

„I don’t think we have any weapons other than the truth,“ he said, adding:

As for “Storms” and”Flashes”, that’s not going to happen

There is no dialogue

Although Miroslav Lajcak boasted on Wednesday about the readiness of the two leaders to meet and talk, Vucic said that „there is no“ dialogue.

„Dialogue is baloney,“ he told the media.

„It’s clear that there is no dialogue and talks and there will be many problems, although Serbia will look for ways to preserve peace, but obviously not only Albanians from Kosovo, but also Quint does not want that,“ he reiterated the support of five countries for Albanians, citing that Americans are the least arrogant in relation to the countries of Quint.

When Albanians ask for something, it is the right to self-determination that they celebrate as a democratic right, and when Serbs ask for something, it is separatism and endangering peace

On the other hand, Vucic underlined that he was always ready for dialogue – unlike Albanians, but they had the support of the most powerful world powers.

„The essence is that the West allows itself to be able to do everything that comes to their mind, even if it has nothing to do with law,“ he complained, telling them that they should be ashamed.

„And now I will hear from those who’ll talk nonsense – ‘Oh, Vucic did that on Russia’s order.’ Don’t be absurd,“ he stressed, adding that he has been listening for 130 days about how Serbia will attack BiH, Montenegro, and Kosovo. „And no one has yet to apologize for it,“ he adds.

Why did you bomb Belgrade, and yet you did not attack Moscow, and whenever we ask that question, you see that principles don’t exist

„When they talk about Ukraine, they just nod their heads at the United Nations charter, but they suddenly get confused when Serbia and the United Nations charter are mentioned,“ the Serbian president explained.

One would think they are all Einsteins or Hegels based on how deep their thoughts are and how they stare somewhere in the distance as if they do not understand what you are telling them

Finally, before going back to his meeting with Lajcak, the president said that everything he revealed to the public, he also shared with the EU representative.



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