Poll: Citizens’ opinions on issues concerning the north are divided

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Citizens’ opinions regarding the two key issues concerning the north – whether they feel safe without the police and the judiciary, and whether the Serbs, who have been leaving Kosovo institutions in the north in large numbers, would return – are divided, read the results of online polls carried out by KoSSev.

The latest license plates-related crisis that broke out after the Kosovo government introduced a phased implementation of the decision on reregistration, culminated in the withdrawal of Serbs from the north from Kosovo institutions. The mayors of four municipalities in the north were among the first to tender their resignations, followed by Kosovo Serb police officers, judges, and prosecutors… Their return to the institutions is conditioned by the withdrawal of the decision on reregistration to RKS and the formation of the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities.

In our newest online polls, we asked the readers of KoSSev to share their opinion on the possible return of Serbs to Kosovo institutions, that is, whether it will happen, but also how they feel now that there are no Serbs employed in the police and judiciary in the North. Opinions are divided.

A total of 3,382 respondents participated in our online poll posted on Instagram, where they answered two questions concerning the situation in the north.

For the first time when it comes to our social media polls, the votes went almost evenly divided between the four answers offered.

When it comes to citizens’ predictions of whether the Serbs will return to Kosovo institutions, their views are quite divided. A total of 26% of respondents (435 Instagram users) believe that the Serbs would return even if only one of the two outlined conditions is met.

The same number of users believe that the Serbs will return, that is, that they won’t – 25% each, with 422 votes.

While 24% of respondents, i.e. 424 of them, think that Serbs will return to Pristina institutions even if the conditions are not fulfilled.

The results of the poll question „whether they feel safe in the north now?“ are also similar.

A total of 478 of those polled (28%) replied that they don’t feel safe. On the other hand, only one percent less, 27% (445) feel safe without the police and judiciary.

While 413 respondents say they don’t feel any difference. And the smallest number of respondents feel somewhat safe – 20%, that is, 343.

A smaller number of users participated in the poll on Twitter. Their answers differ from the results of the Instagram poll.

More than half of Twitter users believe that the Serbs will return even if conditions are not met. Thus, out of a total of 101 votes cast in our poll on Twitter, 52% of them opted for the answer that had the lowest number of votes on Instagram.

As for whether they feel safe in the north, 40% said NO, 36% claimed they don’t feel the difference, 18% feel safe, and only 7% feel somewhat safe. A total of 45 people answered this question on Twitter.

On Facebook, our readers provided descriptive answers to the question – Will the Serbs return to Kosovo institutions? If so, in what way?

The answers ranged from „Why did they join those institutions in the first place“, through the statements that „if they have to return, they should be replaced“, reminders that the resignations they gave are irrevocable, to the views that they will definitely return and thus „mislead the people once again.“

Some respondents believe that „for starters, the agreements from the Brussels dialogue must be fulfilled.“

„For starters, they should fulfill everything from the Brussels Agreement. Everything. If they don’t fulfill it, then there will be no return and suspension of everything that was previously agreed upon,“ one reader said.

Some, on the other hand, believe that a return to institutions is inevitable.

„I can bet that all the ‘awakened’ will return to the institutions, the plates will be RKS, and the northern municipalities will get some kind of cultural autonomy so that the people will settle down.“

„Everyone will come back, rest assured, but they need to sign the final agreement. They need to mislead the people once again, there needs to be a few fake patriots. And then like – Now it’s ours and later on, you’ll see, everything is according to the laws of the Republic of Kosovo,“ said another respondent.

In large part, the citizens’ opinions are divided:

„Never“, „They won’t“, „If they have any brains they will never come back, after all…“, „They will come back for personal gain, of course“, „They will come back … while singing“.

„Serbs must also take their places. The condition is the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities and ending the changing of license plates, we will see which Serbs will appear who would do something through these people who have finally decided to change something“.

However, some expressed the view that whether Kosovo Serbs will return to the institutions or not is not up to the Serbs from the North to decide.

„… Whether they will return, everything depends on Vucic… if he orders them to.“

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