Pink: Srpska Lista wants to withdraw from all Kosovo institutions, including the police

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„Serbs want to withdraw from all Kosovo institutions, including the police. They want to lay down arms and oppose Albanian terror in a peaceful and democratic way,“ Pink TV just reported, referring to its findings. The same television station furthermore claims that Vucic briefly left a meeting with Srpska Lista to meet with the representatives of Quint countries.

Pink TV also reports that this meeting between Kosovo Serbs and Vucic was also attended by employees of Kosovo institutions, namely, judges of the Basic Court in Mitrovica and the operational command chain of the Kosovo Police in the north, among others.

At the meeting, the representatives of Kosovo Serbs presented „radical proposals for the defense of Kosovo and Metohija,“ Pink TV reports, adding that Vucic was not exactly „pleased“ over them, raising the question of what would they do afterward.

As a result of the proposal to withdraw from the institutions, the Serbian president then requested urgent consultations with representatives of the Quint countries in Serbia, who are coming to the Palace of Serbia.

Pink TV reports that Vucic allegedly interrupted the meeting for a short time, to meet with the ambassadors of five western countries.

The president is also set to talk to the ambassadors of Russia and China.

The news arrived immediately after the EU spokesman Peter Stano confirmed from Brussels that Kosovo rejected Quint’s proposal on a solution for the holding of Serbia’s elections in Kosovo.

According to Pink TV, another session of the National Security Council may be held tonight.

What is known so far?

The President of Serbia announced yesterday that, following today’s session, he would respond to the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, who reportedly asked Serbia for recognition in exchange for allowing the upcoming Serbian elections to be held in the territory of Kosovo.

Vucic said that his response would be a response of „reliable and serious people“, but also one „with far-reaching consequences“.

In a recent interview with KoSSev, the head of the Pristina delegation for dialogue, Besnik Bislimi, claimed that Serbia had allegedly agreed to send the request directly through the Pristina Liaison Office.

According to him, after this is done, Pristina also expects an agreement on the elections, i.e. “the collection of ballots.”

When asked for a comment on the practice of „collecting ballots“, which was introduced following an agreement between Belgrade, Pristina, and the international community – the OSCE and the EU, as a model for holding Serbian parliamentary elections in Kosovo since 2012, Bislimi said:

„There was an agreement for that time, and they made the solution for that time. You’ll agree with me that there is an agreement needed because you don’t sign an agreement for the next 20 years, but for the next election. In this context, the government of Serbia is supposed to send an official request to the government of Kosovo, asking for the facilitation of the collection of ballots in the territory of Kosovo. In this process, Quint countries, together with Mr. Lajcak, have offered their support. In this context, Mr. Kurti said that he is in close contact with Quint countries trying to accommodate this, but always under the specification that this agreement would guarantee the territorial integrity of Kosovo and sovereignty of countries and that the facilitation of such a collection of ballots would be done as a result of an agreement between the two countries.“

The cabinet of Albin Kurti announced yesterday that the Kosovan prime minister, together with the Kosovo Minister of Foreign Affairs, Donika Gervala, had a virtual meeting with his diplomatic missions on the issue of Serbia’s elections.

„At this virtual meeting, the presidential and parliamentary elections of Serbia were also discussed, for which the Prime Minister said that in order for them to be held in Kosovo, there must be an agreement between the Republic of Kosovo and Serbia. He told the ambassadors and diplomatic representatives of the Republic of Kosovo that we do not want to deny the right to vote to the citizens of our Republic who have dual citizenship, but that at the same time we cannot act contrary to the legality and constitutionality of the state. We will treat both responsibly, Prime Minister Kurti said, noting that he is in close communication with the Quint countries.“

Parliamentary and presidential elections in Serbia are scheduled to be held on April 3rd. It remains to be seen whether these elections will be held in Kosovo, as Pristina banned the Serbian referendum on changes to the Serbian Constitution from being held in the territory of Kosovo back in January and announced the possibility of doing the same when it comes to these upcoming elections.

The ban on the referendum was introduced even though the international community urged the Kosovan authorities to allow it to be held in the territory of Kosovo.

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