Petkovic alerts of Osmani’s rhetoric: Open animosity toward the Serb people

The first official message from Belgrade following Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu taking over the role of the Kosovo President last night comes from the Head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic.

„In the new cycle in political relations with Belgrade, instead of messages about dialogue and joint problem solving, Vjosa Osmani continues with a campaign of hatred and hostility toward Belgrade,“ Petkovic said in a statement.

He underlined that of the two statements Osmani gave when taking office „both were aimed at Belgrade and tinted with open animosity toward the Serb people.“

„This clearly shows that instead of dialogue and the search for compromise, the priorities of the new Pristina government will include open hatred toward Serbs,“ Petkovic alerted, recalling that Osmani was not alone in this „as this inflammatory political rhetoric is also fueled by her political mentor Albin Kurti.”

„Instead, Osmani and Kurti should find the strength to overcome the anti-Serbian obsession and turn to dialogue, compromise, talks, a joint search for a solution, and the fulfillment of internationally recognized obligations. Belgrade has been on that path for a full eight years, and despite all the obstructions, blackmail, and threats of Pristina, it persists in its efforts to ensure a stable future and peace for all people in this area,“ Petkovic concluded.

In her first speech as the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani said that she would be the president of every citizen in Kosovo. At the same time, she also spoke about „martyrs and heroes of the war,” such as “the bravery of Commander Adem Jashari“ and „every KLA soldier“, as well as all the missing persons.

The newly elected Kosovo President said that „justice will not be achieved until Serb criminals are brought to justice,” while also noting that “peace will be reached only when Serbia repents.”

She also pointed out that the MPs include „survivors of the rape of Serbian forces“, that the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly survived the massacre of the Bogujevci family, the ministers in today’s Kosovo government witnessed the „Dubrava massacre,“ while “the prime minister at the helm of the government is one who truly recognized the face of the aggressor.“

Today, Osmani also addressed the public on the anniversary of the crimes in Rezala, when the news arrived that two more sets of remains found in Kizevak were identified, who were connected to those killed in this village in Srbica/Skenderaj in 1999.

She reiterated that the forces of the „genocidal regime in Serbia surrounded the village’s houses, separated 98 sons and men from women, mothers, and sisters, and ruthlessly executed them.“

In her speeches, Vjosa Osmani regularly links Serbia to „genocide“.

Before being elected the President of Kosovo, Osmani had previously won the largest number of electoral votes out of all politicians on two occasions. In the last elections held in February, she won over 300,000 votes. Osmani is also a university professor of international law.

Two years ago, the Humanitarian Law Center of Kosovo warned the Kosovo Assembly to pay attention to legal qualifications, bearing in mind that even 20 years since the end of the conflict, there is no verdict which qualified crimes in Kosovo as genocide.




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