Pacolli will not visit Novi Pazar: Has BG prevented the Minister from visiting or is Pacolli a non-existent Minister?

Official Belgrade rejected Kosovo Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli’s request to visit Novi Pazar using an excuse that under the UNMIK Provisional Legislative Framework the Kosovo Foreign Ministry is non-existent.

Therefore, Serbia has claimed,  the agreement on officials’ visits cannot be applied in Pacolli’s case. Pristina, on the other side, said that Belgrade is violating the agreement on official visits.

Pacolli was invited by the Bosniak National Council to pay a visit to Novi Pazar which took place today.

However, the Serbian Prime Minister harshly reacted against the Bosniak National Council today, describing Pacolli also as „a person who names himself ‘Minister of Foreign Affairs’ of our Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija“:

„It is a clear and flagrant violation of the laws of the Republic of Serbia and an abuse of office and mandate of the national minority councils,“ the Serbian Prime Minister, Brnabic, reacted to the Council’s initiative.

„Let’s not forget, we are a state, an internationally recognized state, and Kosovo is a territory under Provisional UN Administration, in accordance with Resolution 1244. Let’s not draw any parallels. Pacolli, as a Minister of Foreign Affairs, cannot enter the territory of the Republic of Serbia, for the simple reason that neither the Resolution 1244 nor the relevant UNMIK documents specify the existence of a Minister of Foreign Affairs,“ Serbian Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin told media.

The Kosovo MFA expressed its „regret and indignation” and asked for reciprocal measures.

„This case again demonstrates that Belgrade does not advocate compliance with the Brussels Agreement, causing unnecessary tension in order to prevent visits by senior Kosovo officials to Serbia,“ Pacolli’s office commented in a written statement.

„Today we live in a society in which freedom of movement is a fundamental human right and every state and government must respect it, they emphasized. Kosovo has respected these rights with great devotion,“ claimed the MFA.

For the Kosovan side it is now „reasonable to be entitled to implement reciprocal measures against Belgrade authorities in accordance with the Brussels Agreement.

„Let us remind you that the visits of Kosovar Albanians to their fellow countrymen in Presevo, Bujanovac, and Medvedja should be reciprocal to the visits of Serbs to their countrymen in Kosovo,“ they concluded.

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