„Marko Djuric is fighting for his people with ideals and love,“ Pacolli is a „tycoon“ and „minister of a non-existent state“

Petar Petković poredi Đurića i Pacolija
Petar Petkovic

„Minister of a provisional self-government institution in Pristina, Behgjet Pacolli, cannot be compared to Marko Djuric in any way, even though he is trying to be so,“ the assistant to the head of the Kosovo Office came to Marko Djuric’s defense. He reacted after Pacolli stated to the Pristina-based Klan Kosova that unless he gets the permission of the Serbian authorities to go to Novi Pazar, he will respect their decision. He will not do what Marko Djuric has done– Djuric used a mountain road to enter Kosovo and provoke, Pacolli said.

Petrovic underlined the differences between the two officials:

– „Marko Djuric is a person who fights for his people, his country and all who live in it with ideals and love“

– „Pacolli is a tycoon who got rich during the transition, while hundreds of thousands of citizens left Kosovo and Metohija due to poverty“

– „Marko Djuric is the head of a sovereign state institution“

– „Pacolli is the minister of a non-existent state and head of a ministry that does not exist under the UNMIK constitutional framework and is invisible to most of mankind, just like the so-called Ministry of the Kosovo Security Force“

– „Djuric was in his country and with his people“

– „Pacolli and others like him decided to send heavily armed robbers to attack peaceful and unarmed citizens“

– „Pacolli should not be scared of anyone’s three fingers, because it is a Serbian Orthodox symbol of love and the Holy Trinity, and, surprisingly, although he was surrounded by Serb neighbours his whole life, he did not learn anything about our culture“

What did Pacolli say about the request he sent to the Serbian authorities to allow him to go to Novi Pazar, on the invitation of the Bosniak National Council, read in a special news section.

Read what he said about Serbian officials in an interview with the BBC.

„It would be spiteful of me to say that if he tries to do it, he will meet the same fate as Marko Djuric,“ Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivica Dacic further reacted to Pacolli’s request. He immediately added that „it will certainly not happen because Serbia is a civilized society,“ and that „Pacolli is the minister of a non-existent state“.

Marko Djuric, on the other hand, expects the reaction to Pacolli’s attempt to enter the state to be „calm, sober and different from what they expect.“

„Certainly we will not allow anyone to walk over him, humiliate or mistreat anyone with their political actions in Serbian territory, nor will we allow anyone to represent institutions of a so-called fake state,“ said Djuric, who was arrested in March in his southern Serbian province during a meeting with the Serbian leadership from Kosovo, in the middle of northern Mitrovica, where ROSU members used tear gas and stun grenades. According to his own testimony – he was abused in the ROSU vehicle on the road to Pristina, with his arms restrained, and then dragged to the police station while his hands were handcuffed behind his back and head bent forward, while he was subject to the cursing, shouting and filming of the onlooking crowd.



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