Osmani: Serbia and Vucic dance to Putin’s tune, the West is too lenient

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani says that the West is „too lenient towards Serbia,“ which she describes as a „Russian proxy“ dancing to „Putin’s tune and script“.

„In the morning, Serbia shoots at our border police, and in the evening, Vucic talks about peace. In the morning, they set border crossings, and central offices on fire, in the afternoon, he talks about peace. He talks about peace, and the EU, but never wants the implement any of it. And the proof is so clear in the eyes of the EU. He brought massive military weapons to Kosovo, armed the minority community in Kosovo, created finance and politically pushed illegal structures that are now blacklisted by the US Department of the Treasury, people connected to international crime, but despite all that, the EU still believes that Vucic on the European path,“ Osmani said at the conference on democracy and media freedom in Potsdam, Germany.

Osmani claims that Kosovo has been sitting down to talk with Belgrade for 12 years now. „Not about the status of Kosovo, because it is decided once and for all,“ she adds.

„It is an irreversible reality, let’s talk about the state of our bilateral relations as two independent countries. Let’s discuss issues like diplomas, IDs, recognition of documents,“ said Osmani.

According to her, Serbia has not implemented most of what was signed during these 12 years.

„Now we are trying to force Serbia to implement what it signed. For example, the issue of electricity, IDs, license plates, because Serbia itself agreed to recognize it“.

But when the Kosovo authorities try to implement the agreements, they run into problems, she claims.

„Guess which ones – again – they bring the tanks to the borders. The Russian ambassador from Belgrade came to bless those tanks so they could attack Kosovo. Recently, a documentary was broadcast on Russian television in which Serbia is encouraged to, as they say, take back Kosovo through war because of the license plates issue,“ Osmani underlined.

The West is too lenient towards Serbia when it comes to this – she stressed, noting that they sometimes „get stuck in what we call ‘bilateralism'“.

„Calls to ‘both sides’ to de-escalate the situation, calls to ‘both sides’ not to clash, calls to ‘both sides’ to do this or that. What is happening in the north of Kosovo is not just a dispute between two states. What is happening in the north of Kosovo should be viewed from the geopolitical context of absolute Russian influence on Serbia. It is unfortunate for all of us in the region that our neighbor has turned into a Russian proxy and is carrying out Russian intentions to destabilize the Western Balkans because by destabilizing the Western Balkans they are fighting against a system based on values, namely the European Union and NATO. By fighting us, they are fighting all of you. It is not a problem of two countries quarreling over IDs“.

“Serbia is dancing to every tune of Putin’s. Vucic is dancing to Putin’s tune. That’s what is happening. He is dancing as per Putin’s script. And that’s unfortunate for all of us because that kind of tension sets the whole region back,“ she added.

According to Osmani, the lenient attitude of the West towards Serbia is obvious despite the fact that there are „countless mass graves“ of innocent victims in Serbia.

Once again, the Kosovan president accused Serbia of committing genocide in Kosovo.

“Particularly because Serbia never apologized, never showed any remorse, never brought the perpetrators to justice. It never distanced itself, even today, from Milosevic’s crimes, because the President of Serbia once served as the minister of propaganda to Milosevic, so it’s not surprising,” Osmani concluded.

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