„NATO GO HOME! This is Serbia“ – the latest graffiti on the streets of N. Mitrovica


After the graffiti – „Don’t worry, we are here – Northern Brigade“, „We are waiting“, „No surrender, KM remains“, and „No surrender, Serbian ID card remains“ – a new message appeared on the streets and buildings in North Mitrovica this morning: „NATO GO HOME! This is Serbia“ and „The Northern Brigade is growing day by day“.

Graffiti, part of it written in English, „Nato go home! This is Serbia!“ was sprayed in blue, red, and white in several locations in the city center.

While the message, written in red and black – „The Northern Brigade is growing day by day“ appeared mostly on the walls of the buildings.

Ever since this graffiti began appearing in the past month, more precisely since the decision of the Kosovo government on Serbian IDs and number plates, these are the first messages addressed to the international community.

Less than a day earlier, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic harshly criticized KFOR, announcing a letter to representatives of the EU and the international community.

While failing to provide concrete explanations on what the letter might contain, Vucic spoke extensively about the barricades in his address yesterday. Earlier this week, the KFOR commander gave an interview for RTK, in which he announced the possibility that KFOR will remove any possible barricades – citing its mandate from the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 to ensure freedom of movement for all citizens.

„Why do you practice bullying and harassing Serbs, throwing shock bombs and demolishing demonstrations and barricades with them…? Is that your job or is it your job to survive and help Serbs to survive in their hearths?! And they haven’t seen a single barricade yet. I didn’t know they were so afraid of barricades, I’ve seen all kinds of things, but I didn’t understand that fear until now,“ Vucic said yesterday.

Srpska Lista and the EU and US envoys for the BG-PR dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak, and Gabriel Escobar, held an hours-long meeting in the North Mitrovica municipality building this morning.

The international duo previously met with several Kosovo officials and opposition leaders in Pristina. They are set to travel to Belgrade today where they will talk with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and the head of the Kosovo Office, Peter Petkovic.

As they announced in Pristina yesterday, the purpose of their visit to Kosovo is to prevent the situation from escalating on September 1st.

According to Pristina media reports, the US-EU duo allegedly requested that the implementation of the Kosovo government’s decision on Serbian IDs and number plates be postponed for another three months.

The first graffiti related to this issue appeared on the streets of North Mitrovica on the eve of the Kosovo government’s announcement about the launch of the re-registration of vehicles with plates with Serbian markings of towns in Kosovo to RKS and the introduction of an entry-exit document for all citizens entering Kosovo with a Serbian ID card.

In the meantime, vehicles with RKS license plates in North Mitrovica were covered with stickers with a KM marking and the Serbian coat of arms.

On July 31st, the decision of the Kosovo government resulted in barricades in the north of Kosovo, which were erected a few hours before the start of the implementation of the Pristina decision.

The Kosovo authorities announced that they would start implementing the decision on the re-registration to „RKS“ on September 1st. The decision was postponed by a month following the intervention of the US ambassador to Kosovo, due to the heightened tensions on the ground.

The Serbian side continues to claim that it will not accept Kosovo’s decision to remove the KM plates and start issuing an entry-exit document for all citizens who enter Kosovo with Serbian documents.

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