Miners about their fate, Todic claims: KoSSev spreads disinformation, there is no strike

Disinformation and tendentious reporting – the president of the PA of the Leposavic municipality, i.e. the outgoing mayor, Zoran Todic, thus described a news piece published by the KoSSev portal earlier today about the new strike of workers from two mines in Leposavic and their meeting with this municipal official. Although Todic confirmed that the meeting took place, he denied the allegations made by the miners for KoSSev.

Trepca miners confirmed for KoSSev this morning that over 50 employees out of a total of 600 workers from the Belo Brdo and Crnac mines went on strike again in Leposavic today.

The reason why they went on strike this time, as they confirmed for KoSSev, is that they want to know „where they stand in this situation“ while Serbs are leaving Kosovo institutions in large numbers, as well as „why no one is calling them“. They also want to know when the issue of the work record will be resolved.

With the same demands, the miners paid a visit to the president of the PA of the Leposavic municipality, that is, the outgoing mayor in the Kosovan system, Zoran Todic, today.

After the meeting, one of the miners confirmed for KoSSev that they were allegedly told that nothing could be done about the work record for the time being and that the general manager of Trepca in Leposavic is not in at the moment.

„They told us that they only need two of us, whom we designate, to go to Belgrade on Monday or Tuesday to talk about it,“ the same miner said.

When asked what they were told when it comes to their further work in Kosovo institutions, they said that they received the answer that they are already in the Kosovo system, and that, „according to them“, they are not leaving their work posts.

We are publishing these statements of miners after the meeting in the municipality for the first time in this text. On several occasions since this morning, we tried to get in touch with the now former municipal officials in Leposavic. We were finally successful after their meeting with the miners ended.

Although Todic confirmed that the meeting took place, he denied their allegations about the outcome of the meeting.

„That is not true,“ he said shortly.

Furthermore, he claimed that KoSSev’s news piece from this morning is „tendentious“ and that „we are spreading disinformation“.

„I don’t think it’s right to publish disinformation,“ said Todic, denying allegations that the miners are on strike.

Todic revealed that after the meeting, the miners went to the Trepca administration:

„After that, they went to their administration, they continued the meeting where they should, at their employer’s – which is Trepca.“

Todic did not want to talk about the details of the meeting, as well as the demands of the miners, saying that we should contact the management of Trepca.

In this situation, no one has it easy

The outgoing mayor of Leposavic within the Kosovo system, who continued to serve as the president of the PA of this municipality, says that in the current situation „no one has it easy“.

„A lot of things go through us who stayed here to work in the Serbian system,“ said Todic.

KoSSev portal unsuccessfully reached out on several occasions to the general director of „Trepca“ in Leposavic, Jovan Dimkic for comment.

For months, KoSSev has been receiving complaints from miners from these mines.

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