Miftaraj: Borrell and Lajcak are unable to control the dialogue process

FOTO: Kosovski institut pravde

Belgrade and Pristina should find a way to continue the dialogue and solve issues, instead of talking so much about the past because we are all, including the EU, very well acquainted with what has happened in the last 100 years, Ehat Miftaraj from the Kosovo Law Institute told KoSSev, following yesterday’s second round of dialogue in Brussels.

„The only outcome I can speak of today is that the dialogue will continue,“ EU envoy Miroslav Lajcak said after the talks in Brussels and after the leaders of the two delegations – Vucic and Kurti – presented a series of accusations against the other side.

Ehat Miftaraj from the Kosovo Law Institute notes that Miroslav Lajcak’s statement is one of the most important messages after the latest round of dialogue, but also an indication that Lajcak is unable to facilitate the dialogue between the two sides in the right way.

Lajcak should, therefore, change his approach – Miftaraj adds.

He pointed out the need for greater involvement of the USA government in order to find a way to move the dialogue forward.

Miftaraj also claimed that the statement of the President of Serbia after the latest meeting in Brussels is a copy of the previous statement he gave after the first round of dialogue on June 15th, in which he tried to accuse Kurti.

He also alleged that the Prime Minister of Kosovo did the same – accusing the President of Serbia of lying when talking about what was discussed at yesterday’s meeting.

In Brussels, the Kosovo prime minister spoke about Serbia’s alleged genocides between 1878 and 1999, even though EU High Representative Josep Borrell called on the parties to close the „painful past“ chapter and focus on the future just an hour before the new round of dialogue.

When asked whether such statements by the Kosovo Prime Minister actually harm the dialogue process, Miftaraj said that both sides should refrain from statements that could delay or prevent dialogue.

„Serbia and Kosovo are part of Europe, and European officials understand and know exactly what has happened in the last hundred years in the region,“ Miftaraj added.

He also emphasized that the parties should find a solution, to conclude a mutually binding agreement.

„I think they should find a way to move forward and solve issues, instead of talking about the past, because we are all very well acquainted with the past, as is the European Union.“

Commenting on the dialogue process and the direction it is moving, Miftaraj said that he does not think that an agreement would be reached soon – both because of the insubstantial US involvement in the dialogue process and next year’s elections in Serbia.

He expressed doubt that Vucic is in the mood to reach an agreement at the moment, noting that the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, is in a similar position.

„I doubt that Kurti will sign any agreement which obliges him to form the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities,“ Miftaraj added.

According to him, several more meetings will be held in Brussels this year, which will not yield concrete results.

„At this moment, I think that Borrell and Lajcak are unable to control the dialogue process,“ Miftaraj concluded.

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