Lazarevic: New elections would strengthen Kurti even more, the losing parties are aware of this

Foto: Beta

Albin Kurti is becoming stronger with each new election, while every action of the parties that are not in the alliance with him, only boosts Kurti’s rating, the editor of the KoSSev portal from North Mitrovica, Tatjana Lazarevic said.

Following the election of the new Kosovo government, it remains to be seen whether any of the parties will file an appeal to the Constitutional Court. Although there is no deadline to do so, Lazarevic estimated that the opposition parties, as well as Srpska Lista, which announced that it will be filing an appeal, will carefully assess their further moves, and they may decide not to file it.

The next objective is the election of the President of Kosovo, which remains the biggest obstacle so far.

In a statement for the Beta news agency, Lazarevic underlined that, according to the Constitution of Kosovo, if the president is not elected in the next 40 days, early elections will be called at all levels.

„The president of Kosovo is elected in the assembly. He is elected in three rounds, the votes of two-thirds of MPs are needed in the first two rounds, which is 80 votes, and only in the third round can the president be elected with 61 votes – if the first two fail. If that also fails, new elections are called,“ Lazarevic explained.

According to Lazarevic, although LVV with the candidate for the Kosovo president, Vjosa Osmani, received the support of more than half of the Albanian electorate, they were also met with very strong opposition and animosity on the political scene.

„The crux of the matter is that these are parties that practically protect the entire system, which Kurti, with his domestic political activity, promises to dismantle,“ the KoSSev portal editor-in-chief stressed.

She revealed that the previous main players on the Kosovo political scene suffered severe blows.

„Thaci’s PDK was practically beheaded by the burden of the finally visible work of the Special Court, in which their bosses are officially on the dock.

 Haradinaj’s AAK continues to levitate between the burden of the Special Court, the unclear political program, and the weight of accusations of corruption and illegal actions during the past years,“ Lazarevic said.

She emphasized that the LDK suffered the biggest loss in the elections, adding that this party could ‘recover’ much easier by supporting Vjosa Osmani and LVV.

„Finally, SL had also been fundamentally weakened on the central political scene, and the public could easily see the mutual intolerance between Kurti and this party, with Kurti’s clear messages that he does not see SL as a partner – on the contrary,“ Lazarevic said.

„I expect that all these losing parties, now vulnerable and weakened, with many years of experience in the assembly and the government at the same time, will carefully evaluate future moves.“

In her words, every action of other parties that are not in the alliance with Kurti only boosted his rating. “There is a chance that the same thing would happen if some new elections were to be called,” she added.

When asked by Beta to comment on Kurti’s decision to give only one ministerial post to Srpska Lista, Lazarevic said that those representing the Serb people should be more concerned about the real power and influence of Serb representatives on the Kosovo political scene and how much they can actually protect the endangered interests, long-term survival, and dignity of the Kosovo Serb community.

„The answer to this question is sought not only in the number of ministries but also in why people are not returning, why Serbs are leaving Kosovo, why they still live in small rural underdeveloped scattered territories, why they do not have a free market, developed political and cultural life, why the narratives of the two peoples are completely opposed,“ Lazarevic concluded.

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