The Kosovo Chamber of Commerce refuses vaccination in Belgrade

Foto: KoSSev

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC), in cooperation with the Government of Serbia, provided 10,000 vaccines for businessmen and employees from the region, the president of this chamber, Marko Cadez confirmed today. The Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, however, rejected the offer.

Vaccination of businessmen and their employees from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo against the COVID-19 virus will be carried out in Belgrade over the weekend, Cadez announced earlier today.

He said that the SCC has so far organized the vaccination of a large number of businessmen and employees from Serbia – „and now we want to help our neighbors so that they can protect their economies because only in this way can the entire region move forward,“ Belgrade-based N1 reports.

Cadez underlined that the procedure of immunization of businessmen from the region is simple: „The companies from the region must contact their chambers of commerce, which will organize vaccination in Belgrade in coordination with the SCC„.

Businessmen from the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, however, have rejected SCC’s offer, the head of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Berat Rukiqi, confirmed.

He revealed that their decision was “a matter of principle.”

Bearing in mind that the representatives of the chambers of commerce in Belgrade and Pristina have been boasting of good cooperation for years, it remains unknown what this “matter of principle” actually signifies.

A total of 10,000 AstraZeneca vaccines have been provided, Rukiqi said.

Rukiqi, on the other hand, said that this case, as well as the progress that countries in the region are making when it comes to vaccination, is an additional alarm for all those who will be involved in the vaccination process in Kosovo in the future.

„Our companies are ready to provide support to institutions in the country in this process and other processes that will help us end the health crisis,“ Rukiqi wrote in a Facebook post.

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