KP officers spotted at the Zvecan fortress

policija Mali Zvečan

Two members of the Kosovo police were spotted at the Zvecan fortress today. The fortress, in addition to being an ancient and important historical site, is also one of the favorite foot trails of the residents of Mitrovica and Zvecan. At the same time, a small drone was also seen flying over the ancient fortress.

A KoSSev journalist spotted the policemen heading in the direction of the fortress, where they were seen by several of the local residents.

One of them is a former administrative worker in the Kosovo judiciary and political activist, Marko Jaksic.

„I’m surprised because I didn’t expect to see the police there. It was certainly unpleasant. I talked to them, and one of them spoke Serbian. They said that they visited the fortress for the first time. They explored every part and filmed it. In the meantime, a drone flew in from the direction of the training ground in Mitrovica, where they are stationed all the time for no reason,“ Jaksic told KoSSev.

Other citizens, who noticed the policemen heading toward the fortress, also say that they were unpleasantly surprised.

Two units of the Kosovo police have been stationed for days in the area of Mikronaselje, i.e. Brdjani – near the playground near Partizansko brdo, and at the bend towards Mali Zvecan.

They are part of a contingent of police officers from other areas across Kosovo, deployed to the north a month after local Serbs quit their jobs in the Kosovo Police in early November.

At the time, KP specified that they were deployed only in multi-ethnic areas to protect the Albanian population who complained of feeling unsafe during the current crisis.

The Mali Zvecan fortress is part of the Zvecan municipality. The area is inhabited solely by ethnic Serbs.

Displaced Serbs from the village of Svinjare from South Mitrovica, where they fled in 2004, after the March violence, live nearby.

Until a few days ago, one of the barricades was situated on the border between Mali Zvecan and Mitrovica.

In the previous days, several citizens told KoSSev that they feel uncomfortable while taking this trail, although they all confirmed that the police officers „behave politely“ and that they had no problems with them.

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