Kosovo Serb politician sues President Vucic for endangering her safety

rada trajkovic
Foto: N1

Kosovo Serb politician Rada Trajkovic filed criminal charges against Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic for a statement which, according to her, could put her life at risk, her lawyer Vladimir Gajic said on Tuesday, N1 reported.

She also submitted charges against the Head of Government Office for Kosovo Marko Djuric for publishing secret documents from her testimony before Pristina’s prosecutors related to the assassination of Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic gunned down on January 16, 2018, outside his party’s headquarter in northern Kosovo.

Trajkovic, the President of the European Movement for Kosovo, criticized Vucic’s policies, as did Ivanovic.

Vucic fired back at a news conference on April 18, accusing Trajkovic of aiding Pristina to take control of northern Kosovo with a Serb majority, also saying her testimony was helpful to the Albanians.

Trajkovic, according to Vucic, had said that secret services, especially from Serbia, permanently tailed Ivanovic and tapped his conversations.

“You see what a liar that woman is… you see what kind of liars those people who accuse their country, who hold hostage other people for their political agenda, are..,” Vucic told the news conference.

For his part, Djuric, according to the charges, said: “Rada Trajkovic is just one of the participants in an orchestrated campaign to destroy the state and its institutions.”

On Aprill 22, Djuric also said he believed that “in order to preserve the social stability it is necessary to establish who and with what motive took part in the campaign, who ordered it and who was the mastermind.”

Explaining the criminal charges, Gajic said that “both Vucic and Djuric used the highest state authority positions and unfoundedly and falsely accused Rada Trajkovic of being a traitor, an associate of the enemies of the state and foreign secret services, what most drastically imperiled her safety making her fear for life.”

Trajkovic demanded and got the police protection after the accusations.


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