Trajkovic: President Vucic is obstructing the investigation into Ivanovic’s murder, I am on the hit list

The leader of the European Movement of Serbs from Kosovo, Rada Trajkovic stated on the New Day (Novi Dan) talk-show on N1 that obstruction of the investigation of Oliver Ivanovic’s murder comes „directly from the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.“ Trajkovic assessed Ivanovic’s murder as „state terrorism,“ while reminding the public that two candidates for the position of mayorof North Mitrovica – who were not from the ranks of Srpska Lista – were assassinated; furthermore, none of the Kosovo Serbian representatives except those from Srpska Lista registered for the upcoming mayoral elections in the North.

Trajkovic confirmed the truthfulness of the allegations on the statement she gave to the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office – that „the Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic, in terms of logistics,“ is standing behind the organization of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. She pointed out that she talked about this publicly, even before the murder of Ivanovic, and that her statement did not contribute to the request for an extension of the custody of the two suspects from North Mitrovica, Nedeljko Spasojevic and Marko Rosic.

In terms of logistics, well he was not the shooter, but the logistics – we all basically know that, and Oliver himself repeated it, while four days before the murder he declared that the innocent would suffer and that his safety was obviously jeopardized. It was so public and we all knew that but we were all helpless to provide support or security to Oliver

Trajkovic recalled that many Serbs who communicated with Oliver Ivanovic were called to give statements to the special prosecutor.

„I was called as well. All of my statements were on the special prosecutor’s desk, mostly from the media. There was also personal correspondence. As well as my guest appearance on TV Happy in Belgrade on the day of the murder, where I said the same thing – the mafia from the north of Kosovo, in terms of organization and logistics, is standing behind the crime,“ Trajkovic said.

She added that on that occasion she shared her belief that „part of the Serbian security service was also involved.“

„I do not know whether the Serbia security service used the mafia or if the mafia was using the Serbia security service, but it is obvious that it was a joint project,“ she emphasized.

Trajkovic raised her suspicion that Oliver Ivanovic is „a victim of state terrorism,“ adding that the main reason for this suspicion is the murder of two candidates for mayor of North Mitrovica – the murder of Dimitrije Janicijevic during the campaign on January 16th, 2014, ten days before Ivanovic was sent to prison, and Ivanovic’s murder on January 16th, 2018.

Speaking about why no one, with the exception of Srpska Lista, registered for the upcoming elections in the North, Trajkovic underlined:

„In order for the north of Kosovo to be won without any opponents (to Srpska Lista).“

Not a single of my statements, not a statement from members of Oliver Ivanovic’s family, which were much more specific in terms of providing data, contributed to the extension of the investigation and the request for the extension of detention for these two (Rosic and Spasojevic). The identity of the person who testified and who is testifying, who is responsible for all of it, is coded and not known

The Kosovo Serb politician claimed that there is a statement of a protected witness that is crucial to the development of the investigation into the suspects.

She also commented on media reports that the investigation into Ivanovic’s murder was, in the meantime, extended to Zvonko Veselinovic and Milan Mihailovic, claiming that, bearing in mind „the case of Milan Radoicic who is on the run“ and who is „obviously under the protection of the President of Serbia“, she expects “nothing different” when it comes to Veselinovic.

„I do not think it will be any different from the way the President of Serbia is predestined to react. He is always the protector and once he was a safe house for Ratko Mladic… now he will be the safe house for the most classical mafia. He is already a safe house for Radoicic, and now we will see what he will do for Veselinovic, given that he is one of the main contractors on the Corridor – the most profitable tender -which was given to Veselinovic by Minister Zorana Mihajlovic,“ Trajkovic emphasized.

The document is problematic, the investigation is being obstructed

Trajkovic further claimed that the document that President Vucic used to accuse her and which Marko Djuric shared publicly is problematic for two reasons.

„Firstly, because the document has been opened during the investigation and it is problematic and forbidden in the legal sense. Secondly, the first page of the report where the original request for the extension of the custody of the two suspects appears to be forged,“ she said.

Trajkovic then concluded that President Vucic is „obstructing the investigation.“

If you have a president of the state who presents investigative material and reveals it to the public during an investigation, it is a message to those who testified or to those who are planning to testify that he will immediately find out. I was the target and the cause for it, and the essence was for him to indirectly prevent the investigation

She also recalled what she sees as „the absolution“ of Milan Radoicic by the Serbian President through, in her words, his protection in central Serbia from the Kosovo prosecution authorities and his continued performing of party functions in the presence of Vucic himself and the state leadership. Trajkovic also recalled that Vucic absolved Milan Radoicic by saying that the polygraph test is evidence of Radocic’s innocence.

On the hit list

Trajkovic shared her belief that although she was “just an excuse for the right goal,” which was to “intimidate other witnesses and prevent the investigation,” the state officials and tabloids are nevertheless, according to her,placing Trajkovic “on the hit list” with this negative campaign.

„It is clear that President Vucic is campaigning using his news outlets, Informer and Alo. The same ones one on which Oliver was before me, such as Alo, Informer, Pink, TV Most…“ said Trajkovic, adding that she will request protection when leaving the territory of Kosovo from the Serbian Interior Minister, Nebojsa Stefanovic, because, in her words, “the Serbian President is jeopardizing my security.”

Immediately after Rada Trajkovic’s guest appearance on N1, the Kosovo Office reacted by calling on the Serbian authorities to investigate Trajkovic’s allegations. On the other hand, Srpska Lista posed the question “is it possible that our brothers are in prison because of the testimony of Rada Trajkovic ” thus repeating the allegations of the tabloid Alo, Djuric and President Vucic.

Vucic recently accused Trajkovic that her testimony for the Pristina investigative authorities is the reason why two Serb suspects in the case of the murder of Ivanovic have been in custody since November 23rd. The head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric then published a document on Twitter which he claimedis an authentic prosecutor’s request for the extension of the custody of Marko Rosic and Nedeljko Spasojevic and which shows what Trajkovic told the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

Others also spoke publicly about the statements given to the Special Prosecutor’s Office

Trajkovic was not the only one who publicly spoke about the fact that, at the invitation of the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office, she gave a statement in the investigation of Ivanovic’s murder. Ivanovic’s partner, Milena Popovic told the media that she gave statements several times.

Popovic told RTS that she gave statements several times and that she gave a statement to the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade, because she was „neither able, nor did she dare to go to Kosovo“.

„So I was questioned for the third time. I am always available to anyone who thinks that I can have some information that can help to resolve this case as soon as possible,“ she stated.

Popovic spoke about the testimony given to the Kosovo Prosecutor’s Office extensively in several media appearances after Kosovo Prosecutor Syle Hoxha commented that „she did not say anything specific about this case in order to contribute to this case.“

Olivier Ivanovic’s associate, Ksenija Bozovic publicly said that the secretary of Ivanovic, Silvana Arsovic, who was remanded custody, gave a statement, while confirming that she herself gave a statement as well.

During her guest appearance on the Slobodno Srpski show, she confirmed that she gave a statement twice in connection with Ivanovic’s murder, as did other members of SDP party and his family.




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